So… I guess I’m back

So after several months of being completely inactive, I guess I finally decided to come back. Honestly I had no motivation to run this blog because the posts that I had made in the past don’t really reflect who I am today. Regardless, I wanted to give this blog a new purpose, and make it more about the new love of my love…

Carpet is dirty now because she won’t stop playing in the dirt *sigh* 

So yeah, I got a puppy. I kind of wanted to make this blog about her, because watching an animal discover the world for the first time and learn new things is just so wonderful, and over the past few months I have been completely obsessed with animals, dogs especially. So, I wanted to change up this blog (yet again) and make it about animals, dog training, and how we treat our pets in our society. If you don’t like these main topics, don’t worry. I will still post about my thoughts, goals, and other topics like current issues and veganism. I’m so glad to be back and I hope you’ll enjoy these new types of posts.

Thanks for reading.

Sunny Day Thoughts

The sun is making the raindrops on the trees sparkle. Nothing but good vibes fill the air. I love the rain, but when the sun comes out, I feel like being productive and positive.

This past week has been extremely busy so I haven’t been able to post anything. I have missed writing blog posts. It has been finals week at my school, so that will explain a lot.

I discovered a new genre of music on 8tracks. It’s kind of study chill indie Japanese music. It’s actually really good. I don’t like American indie music because they all sound like they are either sick or they screamed at a concert all night so they are left with a raspy, smoker-type voice. Yuck.

I am still learning Japanese, and I think I’m actually getting better. I am also watching a lot of anime. I might do a review on them soon. I am watching Black Butler (please don’t spoil anything!), RDG (Red Data Girl,) and I just finished Noragami (which was amazing! I really recommend it, although it might be weird for people who are new to anime. Actually, anime is always weird for people who are new to anime.)

I have also been playing a LOT of video games. I am replaying Rise of the Tomb Raider on the Seasoned Raider difficulty, which is almost the hardest. It’s really really difficult but I feel like it’s a lot more realistic. The difficulties have different names. They go from Adventurer (easy), Tomb Raider (normal,) Seasoned Raider (hard,) Survivor (really hard.) I still can’t get over the graphics in this game. They are phenomenal. If you have an Xbox One, I highly recommend it! You will not regret it.

I also got this Rayman Legends, which is super fun and the graphics are so pretty! It’s kind of like Ori and the Blind Forest mixed with Mario. It’s a great multiplayer game.

Well, the sun is really shining outside so I think I’m gonna do some work for a bit and then golf outside if I have time. I hope you’re enjoying the weather where you are!

Thanks for reading.