Well, I learned something new today

Today I woke up in a bright and cheerful mood. I wanted to just sit down, drink some coffee, and write my (slowly failing) novel. I ate some pancakes and bacon (vegan of course) and drank my medium sized cup of coffee.

About an hour later, I felt like I had anxiety, my hands were shaking, my stomach hurt, I was nauseous, and I felt like something bad was about to happen. Turns out it was the frickin coffee. Never will I ever drink coffee ever again (Unless it’s decaf…)

I looked it up and it can happen to some people who are very sensitive to caffeine. This sucks so bad because if you know me, you know that I LOVE coffee. (For the flavor.) This discovery is pretty depressing, because I don’t usually drink decaf, and I usually forget to ask for decaf at a coffee shop. I think I’m just going to avoid caffeine altogether for a while. My body doesn’t need it anyways because I’m a high carb low fat vegan.

It’s currently 10 pm where I live right now and I’m WIDE awake. Well, I guess this is a good time to work on that novel!

I hope you had a better day than I did.

P.S. don’t worry, I’ve been drinking tons of water.

Thanks for reading.

Rain or Sun

The sun always sparks a happiness in me. The sun smiles and warms my body as I walk down the street. It kisses me and warms me and lifts my spirits. It showcases the beautiful, deep blue sky, and caresses the puffy, whipped clouds. The sun smiles at me as I walk. The sun guides me through the day.

The sun motivates me.

The sun warms a cat’s belly as she lays in the fresh grass.

The sun talks to the clouds, and blows them gently.

The sun watches the wind blow the leaves on the trees.

The sun brings out the fairies, so that they joyfully smell the fragrance of their flower beds

The sun radiates kindness and purity to all.

What about the rain? Can it compare to the sun?

The rain chases people indoors.

The rain chills people to the bone.


The rain encourages you to snuggle on your couch, or in your bed

The rain helps you feel cozy

You smile because

The sound of the drips on your roof

The sound of the breeze in the wind

The rain decorates the plants, the flowers, the trees,

Like little diamonds, sparkling and shining

Rain and sun, they give gifts to life.

Good Vibes

I don’t know if it’s just me, but there’s a certain thing that happens to me when I’m in a place or doing a certain thing that makes me incredibly happy. These things are what I like to call “good vibes” moments. When I’m cuddled in bed sipping some tea reading a good book, my body just gets so happy & comfortable and I never want to leave that moment. I think it has something to do with me being more mindful, and I get happy by the little things nowadays.

I’ll walk outside and just notice the beautiful sky that’s incredibly blue and clear. I’ll see the perfectly puffy and white clouds, and of course the tons of trees (I live in Portland, Oregon). In that moment, something I just can’t describe comes over me and I just inhale the beautifully serene and calm moment. I love it the most when I’m alone (not that I don’t like people) so that I can just enjoy the moment without talking or thinking about anything.

I walk into my backyard on a slightly breezy morning, smelling the fresh and crisp air. The trees and plants smell so fragrant. I walk, not noticing if the air is too chilly, and just breathe. I don’t know but something about early mornings are my favorite.

I see the tall and bright green trees in Downtown Portland, bronze autumn leaves falling on the ground. The friendly people, the sound of cars, the sight of a man with square glasses, drinking coffee while typing away on his computer. Another man with an undercut; drinking fresh coffee, reading and taking notes on a small notepad. Sidewalk cafes, bookstores, and clear glass windows. Girls with long flowy hair.

Reading in the library by a fireplace. Cozy in a warm and soft chair. Reading about ancient mythology.

Drinking tea.

Smelling coffee.

Hearing French jazz.

Tasting creamy rich dark chocolate.

Watching couples smile and hold hands.

Feeling soft cotton blankets.

If you like, leave your “good vibes” moments in the comments.