My Morning Rituals

I used to HATE mornings, and I had a good reason to…. I mean, I had to get up at 6:50 AM every morning. But now that my schedule has changed, I have learned to appreciate mornings for the joyus gifts they are, and I can fully understand early birds. Whenever I get up early, I have so much time to do things, and I feel refreshed, because the whole day is ahead of me. Here is my usual new (and improved) morning routine for weekdays.

8:00 AM: Wake up. Check what I missed in the world. I usually check,, WordPress, and YouTube, (only for any educational videos or videos that are informative.)

8:30 AM: Get up, and take a morning shower.

8:45 AM: Meditate outside in nature. If it’s raining, (which is it supposed to be pretty rainy this week) than I just continue to the next step.

9:00 AM: Brush teeth, moisturize face, and eat breakfast.

9:30 AM: I usually start my schoolwork by then. Sometimes I go to a coffee shop, sometimes I go to the library, but most of the time I stay home and work at my desk with a nice cup of warm tea.

12:30 PM: I continue to work until it’s lunchtime. Then, I make my lunch. I usually make a home cooked meal that’s fast and easy, nothing too intricate. Something that I have really been enjoying lately are burritos with refried beans, salsa, daiya cheese, lettuce, tomato, and avocado.

1:30 PM: I continue to work on my work until about 6 PM. Then I have dinner and the rest of my routine.

I’m curious to know other people’s morning rituals. Do you like mornings or hate them? What do you do to get  yourself up in the morning? Be sure to comment and thanks for reading! 🙂


Animal Testing: My Stance

What really is animal testing? Is it just putting mascara on bunnies? Or is it much more? What does animal testing do? Is it really necessary?

Animal testing is more horrifying than you think. Some things that they really do are force feeding, chemical exposure to toxic chemicals, skin injections, food and water deprivation, infliction of wounds, injuries, or damage, or prolonged periods of physical restraint.

If companies need to test their products on sentient beings, shouldn’t this say something about the untrustworthy and sketchy products that they use? If they have to test a product on another animal, shouldn’t that say something about how potentially dangerous that product could be?

After hearing about the true horrors of animal testing, it just saddens me to the core. The fact that humans do this for their own benefit is just sickening. These beings deserve life. These animals are capable of fear, pain, and most importantly, the desire to live. We are not so different from them. We all want to live. Why am I saying live? Because almost 99% of the time, the animal dies from the tortures, or they use them until they die. This is disgusting, and it needs to be illegal. Why does America make this legal, but it is illegal in the EU? I don’t understand. It’s a basic animal’s right to live, but why do we only care for dogs and cats? Why can’t we reach out to others?

“Every year in the U.S., over 25 million animals are used in biomedical experimentation, product and cosmetic testing, and science education. This includes—dogs, cats, ferrets, rabbits, pigs, sheep, monkeys, chimpanzees, and more.”

We need this to stop. We need to stop unnecessary killings, especially for our own benefit. We need to share this earth with other beings. We need more compassion. Take a stand against animal testing and buy cruelty free products!




What I love About Portland, Oregon

I moved to Portland only 2 years ago. And might I say it has been a journey. From Bay Area California to Portland, Oregon, I must say that is a big change. The people are different, the culture, scenery, etc. Everything is totally different. One mistake I made when I moved to Portland was that I didn’t appreciate its beauty because I kept comparing it to California. I only saw the negative things. Little did I know that Portland would become the best city that I’ve ever lived in.

I felt suffocated and trapped by the amount of trees, (did you know that the state with the most trees in America is Oregon?) I thought it was weird, and I expected it to be filled with weird hillbillys. (*Sigh* typical Californian.) When I started to play tourist and travel around, I soon found the true beauty of Portland, and today I will tell you the best things about Portland.

  1. The people.

I had no idea people could be so nice. I was used to the typical rude Californians. Snobby, rude, and very judgemental. Nobody is afraid to be unique or weird in Portland. Nobody is afraid to state their views, or dress how they want. Ever since moving to Portland, I don’t blink an eye when I see pink or rainbow hair, tons of piercings, WOW tattoos, or otherwise unique and artful clothing. These people are so kind. They actually care about the environment, and I have never seen so many vegan people. They love hiking, biking, and going to coffee shops, record stores, and unique places you’d NEVER see a Californian do. Now don’t get me wrong, Californians can be very nice, obviously, but there are a ton that think they are better than others just because they live in California.

2. The things to do.

There is something for everyone in Portland.

  • HOLY WOW tons of vegan restaurants. This is so amazing, ever since I went vegan. I guarantee being vegan is a breeze in Portland.
  • Coffee shops. I have never gone to Stumptown, but I’ve heard it goes way beyond your typical Starbucks. They are known for latte art. Portland has the cutest coffee shops around.
  • Thrift stores. Portlanders love to shop at thrift stores, especially since there are so many hipsters in Portland. You can’t walk a foot without seeing a typical hipster with tousled hair, a beard, tattoos, and skinny jeans. Thrift stores are the thing in Portland. They rarely wear designer clothing, and they love being eco-friendly.
  • Vegan doughnuts. Wait what? Has anyone heard of a vegan doughnut? Only in Portland. They have an ultra famous doughnut place called Voodoo doughnuts. It’s so popular that the line is ALWAYS around the entire block. It’s at least a 45 minute wait. Who knew people would wait so long for doughnuts?
  • Vegan festivals. Sorry I can’t stop talking about how vegan friendly Portland is. It’s amazing. Who has vegan festivals? Only Portland.
  • Tons of hiking and trails. You will see the true beauty of Oregon when you walk on a trail in Portland. Truly beautiful.
  • Bookstores. How could I forget the famous Powell’s Books? It’s the largest new and used bookstore in the world. The bookworm’s dream come true. I’ve been there a few times, and every time I was shocked. How can someone even build a bookstore so big? You have to have an entire map to even figure out the place. You’d never be bored there.
  • Art. Portland is well known for its artists and crafts. If you ever go to Portland, make sure to check out the Portland Art Museum. They have some pretty famous paintings there, including like 4 Claude Monet paintings. One of which is a waterlilies painting. It’s amazing to look at in person.

Yep. By now you are probably booking your flight to Portland. This city will never get old for me, and I hope to live here for the rest of my life.