Why I Love Adventure Time So Much

adventure time opening pic.png

Adventure time is a show about a boy named Finn the Human and his magical best friend Jake the Dog. They go on adventures, fight monsters, and have fun.

Sounds simple, right? Wrong.

Adventure time seems pretty and colorful on the surface, but underneath there are dark and depressing tones. It is also very weird. It reminds many people of an anime because of its strange and colorful feelings.

Adventure Time is one of my favorite shows. I have been watching it for about 2-3 years now, and I’ve watched all of the seasons (season 1-6) about 2-3 times. I know this show quite well.

adventure time.jpeg

Even though it’s on Cartoon Network, (a children’s cartoon channel) I wouldn’t say it’s exactly a child’s show. Some scenes are just so scary and/or creepy that I just can’t imagine children watching it.

But the strange thing is… that’s why I love it. I am a fan of creepy and/or weird things, and I don’t know.. If I could describe myself by naming a show… I would say Adventure Time.

It’s also really funny.. I mean, who doesn’t love LSP?

lsp has beans yall.gif
When LSP runs away from home because her parents are “horrible idiots!”

Here are 5 reasons why I love Adventure Time.

  1. All of the characters have secrets and mysterious backgrounds. From not knowing who PB’s parents are or where she actually came from, to wondering why Jake used to be a burglar in a gang, this show is just so creative. That’s probably how the producers are able with coming up with so many episodes. It’s basically endless. Just search Adventure Time theories and you will get entire blogs based on the crazy and seemingly real theories.
  2. It’s funny. From LSP being sassy, to Jake shape shifting into a snail, the jokes and hilarious characters are so lovable. jake as a snail.gif
  3. There are endless theories. Adventure Time is actually quite complicated. Almost like a kid’s version of Game of Thrones or something. There are so many backstories, so many characters, and so much unknown history of what the Land of Ooo actually is. I absolutely love shows like this, because then I never get bored.
  4. It’s weird. I am a big anime fan, and so I’ve seen my fair share of weird things. Adventure Time is one of those weird things. It’s awesome.
  5. It has feminist characters. Princess Bubblegum, despite her “girly” appearance and adorable voice, is most likely the smartest person in Ooo. She is obsessed with science, and rules over the entire Candy Kingdom. Whenever Finn needs help, he always knows to go to PB. Another feminist character worth mentioning is Marceline the Vampire Queen. She is brave, tough, a little scary at times, and an all around amazing character. She is one of my favorites. She is like that cool rocker chick you secretly admire. She is also incredibly strong, and possesses very strong magical powers. pb and marceline.png


This show makes my heart melt. I love this show so much, and it always makes me feel so happy. You should definitely give this show a try if you haven’t watched it before. Don’t be scared off because you think it’s a kid’s show. It’s so much more than that.

Thanks for reading.

Anime: Gakuen Alice Review

In 2014 I watched the one show that would introduce me to anime and so for that I thank Gakuen Alice.

Plot: Gakuen Alice is an anime about a girl named Mikan who has a best friend named Hotaru. Her friend Hotaru suddenly transfers to a new and mysterious school that is for geniuses only. That school is called Gakuen Alice. Little does she know, Gakuen Alice is a school for special children who possess magical powers called Alices. Mikan suffers with sadness when her friend leaves, and finally decides to sneak away from her small village and to Gakuen Alice to find her friend without her grandfather knowing. She makes it all the way there by herself, and she encounters some strange men who try to trick her into coming with them before a teacher named Narumi saves her. He has a hunch that Mikan has an Alice herself, and when she proves that she does, she is enrolled into Gakuen Alice. The school is heavily guarded and there are no outsiders allowed, and students are only allowed to send a few letters a year that are scanned and read by the staff.

The main story-line of this anime is about Mikan’s experiences in the school. This show is:

  • Funny
  • Cute
  • Dramatic
  • Interesting

I also recommend the manga if you want to continue learning about Mikan and her friends. I read all 180 chapters and I must say that this manga/anime is phenomenal.


Mikan Sakura



Mikan is kind, funny, cute, optimistic, and brave. (Especially in the manga.) She will do anything to help her friends, and she sees the good in everyone. She loves Hotaru more than anything. Mikan holds the nullification Alice, which means that she can counteract anybody else’s Alice.

Hotaru Imai


Hotaru seems cold, but deep down she is very caring. She is quiet, but very intelligent. She is very logical but lazy at times. She is one of my favorites. Hotaru holds the invention Alice, which makes her extremely intelligent and obviously, inventive.

Natsume Hyuuga


Natsume is cold, rude, and downright cruel at times. He absolutely hates Mikan when he first meets her, and gives a bad impression by teasing her with her underwear. Which she then thinks of him as a cruel pervert. However, deep down, he cares and likes Mikan. Natsume holds the fire Alice, which is one of the most rare and powerful Alices. He is very valued and worshiped in the school.

Luka Nogi (Or Ruka in Japanese)


Ruka is sweet, caring, and shy at times. Ruka is Natsume’s best friend, despite being his polar opposite. Ruka absolutely loves animals, hence his Somatic Alice. This Alice allows him to”tame” animals.

Those are a few main characters that I could think of. This anime is so sweet and nostalgic to me because it is my absolute first anime that I have watched and loved so dearly.


  • Cute
  • Sweet
  • Smart
  • Interesting


  • Only one season!


Rating: 5/5

I really recommend this anime to people who are just starting to watch anime or hardcore anime lovers.

Thanks for reading!



Halo 5 Guardians First Impression

So, today I played Halo 5 Guardians for the first time… and I was incredibly surprised and impressed.

The plot is a little difficult to describe if you haven’t played Halo before so there are plenty of websites that would explain in much better detail than I ever could.

Anyways, firstly, the controls are a lot different. In fact, they are extremely different. It takes a while to get used to, but once you do, you realize the new controls are a lot easier. (At least I did. I’m really good at getting used to controls quickly.) I hear that some people don’t like changing between two games they are playing frequently because they get confused between the controls. This doesn’t happen to me often. I play 3-4 different games a day. Currently I am playing:

  • Ori and the Blind Forest: Definitive Edition
  • Styx: Master of Shadows
  • Halo 5 Guardians
  •  Hand of Fate
  • Sherlock Holmes: Crime and Punishments
  • Halo: The Masterchief Collection (Various halos and the multiplayer)

I’m slightly ashamed to say that I play almost all of these daily. You may be wondering how I could possibly have so much free time, and that’s mostly because I’m online schooled, and so when I’m done with my work or waiting for a response from a teacher, I play video games.

I know it’s a bad habit, but I’m the type that doesn’t study and miraculously gets good grades. (I’m still wondering why.)

ANYWAYS, I don’t want to get too ahead of myself yet, but Halo 5 has to be one of the best Halos that I’ve played. Halo 5 has:

  • Beautifully crafted graphics
  • Interesting storyline
  • New and cool features

I don’t understand why it was getting so much hate. I am going to be quite honest with you though… I mainly play Halo for the gameplay, and not the actual storyline. I actually don’t really care about the storyline, which might hurt some Halo fan’s feelings, but I don’t mean to!!! I just don’t mind.

Maybe Halo 5 doesn’t have an AMAZING storyline, and so fans were disappointed.

Overall, I am really excited to see what Halo 5 will bring.

Thanks for reading