So… I guess I’m back

So after several months of being completely inactive, I guess I finally decided to come back. Honestly I had no motivation to run this blog because the posts that I had made in the past don’t really reflect who I am today. Regardless, I wanted to give this blog a new purpose, and make it more about the new love of my love…

Carpet is dirty now because she won’t stop playing in the dirt *sigh* 

So yeah, I got a puppy. I kind of wanted to make this blog about her, because watching an animal discover the world for the first time and learn new things is just so wonderful, and over the past few months I have been completely obsessed with animals, dogs especially. So, I wanted to change up this blog (yet again) and make it about animals, dog training, and how we treat our pets in our society. If you don’t like these main topics, don’t worry. I will still post about my thoughts, goals, and other topics like current issues and veganism. I’m so glad to be back and I hope you’ll enjoy these new types of posts.

Thanks for reading.


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