Why I Love Adventure Time So Much

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Adventure time is a show about a boy named Finn the Human and his magical best friend Jake the Dog. They go on adventures, fight monsters, and have fun.

Sounds simple, right? Wrong.

Adventure time seems pretty and colorful on the surface, but underneath there are dark and depressing tones. It is also very weird. It reminds many people of an anime because of its strange and colorful feelings.

Adventure Time is one of my favorite shows. I have been watching it for about 2-3 years now, and I’ve watched all of the seasons (season 1-6) about 2-3 times. I know this show quite well.

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Even though it’s on Cartoon Network, (a children’s cartoon channel) I wouldn’t say it’s exactly a child’s show. Some scenes are just so scary and/or creepy that I just can’t imagine children watching it.

But the strange thing is… that’s why I love it. I am a fan of creepy and/or weird things, and I don’t know.. If I could describe myself by naming a show… I would say Adventure Time.

It’s also really funny.. I mean, who doesn’t love LSP?

lsp has beans yall.gif
When LSP runs away from home because her parents are “horrible idiots!”

Here are 5 reasons why I love Adventure Time.

  1. All of the characters have secrets and mysterious backgrounds. From not knowing who PB’s parents are or where she actually came from, to wondering why Jake used to be a burglar in a gang, this show is just so creative. That’s probably how the producers are able with coming up with so many episodes. It’s basically endless. Just search Adventure Time theories and you will get entire blogs based on the crazy and seemingly real theories.
  2. It’s funny. From LSP being sassy, to Jake shape shifting into a snail, the jokes and hilarious characters are so lovable. jake as a snail.gif
  3. There are endless theories. Adventure Time is actually quite complicated. Almost like a kid’s version of Game of Thrones or something. There are so many backstories, so many characters, and so much unknown history of what the Land of Ooo actually is. I absolutely love shows like this, because then I never get bored.
  4. It’s weird. I am a big anime fan, and so I’ve seen my fair share of weird things. Adventure Time is one of those weird things. It’s awesome.
  5. It has feminist characters. Princess Bubblegum, despite her “girly” appearance and adorable voice, is most likely the smartest person in Ooo. She is obsessed with science, and rules over the entire Candy Kingdom. Whenever Finn needs help, he always knows to go to PB. Another feminist character worth mentioning is Marceline the Vampire Queen. She is brave, tough, a little scary at times, and an all around amazing character. She is one of my favorites. She is like that cool rocker chick you secretly admire. She is also incredibly strong, and possesses very strong magical powers. pb and marceline.png


This show makes my heart melt. I love this show so much, and it always makes me feel so happy. You should definitely give this show a try if you haven’t watched it before. Don’t be scared off because you think it’s a kid’s show. It’s so much more than that.

Thanks for reading.


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17 thoughts on “Why I Love Adventure Time So Much”

  1. My first time watching this show was when my Physics teacher showed episodes while we worked on our assignments LOL He was a pretty chill teacher. But ever since then I’ve been a fan.

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    1. That sounds so fun. My teachers were never that cool.
      I found out about it from the merchandise in Hot Topic (lol) and then I started to watch it when it was still on Netflix. Who’s your favorite character? 🙂

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      1. No wayy! I would’ve never guessed. I looked him up, and wow he was different from what I imagined which is given since I can’t really imagine anyone else with that voice except LSP haha. I found another guy who naturally, NATURALLY has the same voice as LSP though! I’ll link the video. You will agree with me after hearing him aha.


      2. I do! I watch a variety of Youtubers that it’s hard to say I have one particular favorite. But, a couple I do tend to watch frequently are Superwoman, Buzzfeed videos, and What the Pineapple. For now those are the one’s that stand out in my head haha. How about you?

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      3. They’re so addicting! I can’t stop watching after one video haha. I think after she got famous I stopped watching then I started watching her again as of late. Oh! I used to watch vegan youtubers when I was part of that community. I’m pescetarian now. I still watch them now and then though because it’s very informative.


      4. I know right? Like, it’s 11 PM and I’m like, “Ok, just one video.” and 20 videos later I’m shocked at how late it is! My mom is a pescetarian but she is transitioning slowly to veganism. 🙂 I just don’t eat fish because I don’t like it anymore. I know, vegan videos are very educational. I learn something new every day.

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      5. Haha it’s a guilty pleasure. No regrets whatsoever. I’m kind of sad they’re not posting new Try Guys videos though. They were my favorites. That’s really good for her! I really wanted to revert back to full veganism, but it was harder than when I started. My family is heavy on fish instead of meat which is why it’s easier for me to become pescetarian. And personally, without sushi, my life would be dull haha. Without vegan videos, I would’ve never found out the inhumane cruelty that animals go through and environmental impacts.

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      6. I know! Eugene was my bias haha. AND no wayy! Vegan sushi?! I’ve never heard of it! But any vegan alternative peaks my interest. I don’t think there is a restaurant that serves it in my city though. Sadness.

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      7. Despite how much I love sushi, I’ve actually never made it before. It looks too laborious to make haha Now that I think about it though, I think I have actually had vegan sushi before such as yam sushi which is quite good. I was thinking along the lines of fish alternative when you first mentioned it which is why I was so shocked I guess aha

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