My Love for Anime and Why You Should Watch It

When I was 14, I discovered the world of anime. I remember that I found this YouTube channel called Noodlerella, and I clicked on her Adventure Time Impressions video. I thought that Connie was adorable and funny so I subscribed. I later found her blog and her anime favorites posts. I was kind of confused on what anime was but of course I had heard of it before. I searched online for some good anime to watch for people who had never watched it before, and so I found Gakuen Alice.

Gakuen Alice is not a very well known anime, but nonetheless it became one of my favorite anime/manga of all time. Gakuen Alice is about a little girl named Mikan and her best friend Hotaru. Hotaru moves away to a new and mysterious private school called Gakuen Alice for an unknown reason. Mikan misses Hotaru so much that she goes out of her way to take buses and trains all the way there. Later she finds out that there are special children who possess powers called Alices. She bumps into a teacher outside the gate and he realizes that Mikan also possesses an Alice and so she enrolls into the school without her grandfather knowing any of this information. Once she enrolls, she finds out that she can never contact the outside world besides sending letters, and they are heavily scanned. The rest of the show is about her life in Gakuen Alice. This show is extremely funny and lighthearted on the surface but these children also later face extreme dilemmas and problems that they must solve.

After watching this show, I was completely in love with anime. Especially shojou (romantic comedy I would say this translates as.)

Here are some reasons I would suggest watching anime:

  1. The possibilities are endless. Sci-fi, fantasy, supernatural, drama, horror, comedy, romance, and more. There are so many different types so anime appeals to everyone. There are also options (sometimes) in English, but I almost never watch anime in English because the dubbed version usually sucks, and I prefer watching the show how it was meant to be watched.
  2. It is incredibly funny. A ton of anime fans agree with me on this, but for some reason, I find anime to be much funnier than American TV shows (New Girl is probably the only American show that is actually funny to me.) It’s pretty hard to make me laugh, but anime never fails.
  3. The art is beautiful. Art-City-Buildings.jpg

Outdoor Anime Landscape [Scenery - Background] 111.jpg

I hear that the art of Japanese high schools are very realistic and people that travel to Japan say that the high schools look like they just came out of an anime.

4. You feel as if you are escaping to a whole new world. When I watch an American TV show, I feel like I’m watching a TV show, and since it’s in English, it’s a culture that I know quite well. However, anime shows usually take place in an alternate universe, and if they don’t, you’re still experiencing a whole new culture. I feel like anime is an escape for me. I can’t really explain it, but it’s really great.


Overall, whether you’re 13 or 29, you should definitely give anime a shot. I did and I am so glad that I did. You can learn a lot, and of course, have a lot of fun along the way. Here are some anime that I recommend…

Romantic Comedy

  • Kamisama Hajimemashita: review here on my old blog
  • kamisama hajimemashita
    Left: Nanami, Right: Tomoe


  • Kaichou wa maid sama (didn’t write a review but this anime is adorable and so funny)
  • kaichou wa maid sama
    Left: Takumi, Right: Misaki


  • Gakuen Alice: review here on my blog
  • gakuen alice cover
    Left: Natsume, Right: Mikan


  • Sword Art Online: review here on this blog
  • sword art online cover
    Left: Kirito, Right: Asuna


  • Fairy Tail (not finished but it’s very good and highly popular)
  • fairy tail
    Upper left: Natsu, Upper right: Lucy, Lower left: Gray, Lower right: Erza


  • The World God Only Knows
  • the world god only knows
    Right: Keima Katsuragi


  • No Game No Life: (I don’t have a review yet but this anime is AWESOME!!! HIGHLY recommend)
  • no game no life
    Right: Shiro, Left: Sora


  • Vampire Knight: review here on my old blog
  • vampire knight
    Left: Zero, Middle: Yuki, Right: Kaname


  • Black Butler: review here on this blog
  • black butler

*Currently I am watching Black Butler: Book of Circus, Death Note, and K, so I will probably write reviews on those shows soon.*

Thanks for reading and if you have any anime recommendations, PLEASE leave them in the comments below. I would love to check them out.


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12 thoughts on “My Love for Anime and Why You Should Watch It”

  1. Ohh wow! Those look amazing. I’ve seen Death Note and I found it as though a classic! Love L in it.
    Seven Deadly Sins and Attack on Titans are worth trying! 🙂 😀


    1. Thank you for your comment! Some people hated L! I’m not even that much into the series and I find him oddly attractive.. Is that weird LOL. Maybe I like the intelligent sleep deprived look..

      I tried watching a bit of Attack on Titans but I found it a little confusing! I might try watching it again later. Thanks for the recommendations!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Oh yes, all have haters ;)! His wittiness and that casual look did it for me, I guess.
        Attack on Titans is quite violent and brutal too but as it moves it makes sense. Though both the series I mentioned are still ongoing ones (in manga)! 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

      2. I don’t know why but even for a show that isn’t finished yet… I get really annoyed at haters. I mean, I’ve never TRULY hated an anime. I might dislike it strongly, at most, but I don’t get it how people can DESPISE an anime. Or an anime character (protagonist, for example.) I find it really annoying. It’s pretty hard to get me to dislike something though… especially anime. I don’t know why. There’s always something that I like about it.

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  2. I love your list of recommendations! I’ve watched most of them and they definitely are one of the good ones out there. I’m still debating whether to watch No Game No Life though.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you! Watch No Game No Life! For some reason it reminds me of Death Note (The two characters are extremely smart) and if you love games, you’ll love it. It’s only like 12 episodes, so there’s not much to lose. Thanks for the comment!


      1. For sure! If I end up really liking it, I might even write a review on it haha. We’ll see how it goes. And thanks for the warning. First episodes does tend to decide for me if I want to keep watching it or not, but knowing that it will get better should keep me in check.

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      2. Yeah. I learned to give anime a 3 episode chance. If I hadn’t, I would have never known how good Black Butler is! People who judge based on one episode often miss out on some of the best anime out there, give it a shot! 😉

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