Anime: Gakuen Alice Review

In 2014 I watched the one show that would introduce me to anime and so for that I thank Gakuen Alice.

Plot: Gakuen Alice is an anime about a girl named Mikan who has a best friend named Hotaru. Her friend Hotaru suddenly transfers to a new and mysterious school that is for geniuses only. That school is called Gakuen Alice. Little does she know, Gakuen Alice is a school for special children who possess magical powers called Alices. Mikan suffers with sadness when her friend leaves, and finally decides to sneak away from her small village and to Gakuen Alice to find her friend without her grandfather knowing. She makes it all the way there by herself, and she encounters some strange men who try to trick her into coming with them before a teacher named Narumi saves her. He has a hunch that Mikan has an Alice herself, and when she proves that she does, she is enrolled into Gakuen Alice. The school is heavily guarded and there are no outsiders allowed, and students are only allowed to send a few letters a year that are scanned and read by the staff.

The main story-line of this anime is about Mikan’s experiences in the school. This show is:

  • Funny
  • Cute
  • Dramatic
  • Interesting

I also recommend the manga if you want to continue learning about Mikan and her friends. I read all 180 chapters and I must say that this manga/anime is phenomenal.


Mikan Sakura



Mikan is kind, funny, cute, optimistic, and brave. (Especially in the manga.) She will do anything to help her friends, and she sees the good in everyone. She loves Hotaru more than anything. Mikan holds the nullification Alice, which means that she can counteract anybody else’s Alice.

Hotaru Imai


Hotaru seems cold, but deep down she is very caring. She is quiet, but very intelligent. She is very logical but lazy at times. She is one of my favorites. Hotaru holds the invention Alice, which makes her extremely intelligent and obviously, inventive.

Natsume Hyuuga


Natsume is cold, rude, and downright cruel at times. He absolutely hates Mikan when he first meets her, and gives a bad impression by teasing her with her underwear. Which she then thinks of him as a cruel pervert. However, deep down, he cares and likes Mikan. Natsume holds the fire Alice, which is one of the most rare and powerful Alices. He is very valued and worshiped in the school.

Luka Nogi (Or Ruka in Japanese)


Ruka is sweet, caring, and shy at times. Ruka is Natsume’s best friend, despite being his polar opposite. Ruka absolutely loves animals, hence his Somatic Alice. This Alice allows him to”tame” animals.

Those are a few main characters that I could think of. This anime is so sweet and nostalgic to me because it is my absolute first anime that I have watched and loved so dearly.


  • Cute
  • Sweet
  • Smart
  • Interesting


  • Only one season!


Rating: 5/5

I really recommend this anime to people who are just starting to watch anime or hardcore anime lovers.

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