A Sparkle of Wonderment: Chapter 3

Lyna walked up the passageway to the Flower child’s home. Her garden was full of tulips and fragrant wildflowers. Bees buzzed lazily around in circular patterns. The daylight was so nice on Lyna’s skin. The sun smiled down at her.

“Welcome to my home. It’s a little small, but I hope it’s cozy enough.” Lyna walked through the soft wooden door. Immediately she felt at home. The floor was soft under her feet. It was mossy and cool. A fire was burning in the corner. Huge flowers were shaped into couches and chairs. “Have a seat!” Tula said, while pointing to a chair-shaped daisy. Lyna glided onto the seat.

“Thank you so much. I am forever grateful for such a generous offer.” Lyna’s eyes glimmered and shone as she looked around. There were small leaf pots and dishes. Tula walked to the kitchen and took out two leaf cups from a daisy-shaped cupboard.

“Oh, you are very welcome. I am quite honored to have such a wonderful beauty within my sights! Moon children are very dear to my heart.” Lyna blushed.

“Really? I do not think I am that special. I let down everyone I know… Well, I have in the past.” Lyna looked away sorrowfully for a split second.

“The past is not the present.” Tula grinned and handed Lyna some tea and dillydum nectar. As soon as Lyna took a spoonful, her eyes widened.

“This is delicious! I wish I had some in the forest. There is nothing but turgrus and sealock to eat.”
“I am glad that you enjoy it! It is from my garden. It took me years to grow. There are not many more dillydum flowers around. They are so expensive in the village!”

Lyna smiled and continued to eat in silence. She looked around the cottage. There were many leaves covering the floor, and a bunch of wildflowers made a bed. Lyna wished that she had a home. She almost wanted somewhere to belong, but she loved adventure. She closed her eyes, and this is what she saw:
She remembered her brother, sister, and mother.
“Lyna!” Her mother called in a sing song voice. She hummed softly while picking reydals from the earthy ground.
Lyna sprung down from an energy tree and jumped onto her mother’s back. Her mother laughed and cried,

“Lyna! Are you ready to go to the village with your brother and sister?” Lyna nodded with delight.

The memory slowly faded away.

Suddenly, tears filled her eyes.

“Oh dear! Is everything all right?” Tula gasped. She dropped her cup in distress, spilling the contents onto the mossy floor.

Lyna was quickly brought back to reality.

“I am sorry, Tula. I am all right.” Lyna forced a smile, and got up from her seat. “Thank you so very much, but I must go. There is something I must do.” She gracefully leapt through the door and sprinted back to the Moon Children’s forest. The wind rushed through her silver hair and her eyes stung from crying. She must get to the Elvish child. At once.


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