A Right to Life

Love this.

I recently got into a debate about male chicks being killed as a by-product of the egg industry.  This inevitably led to arguments about a human’s right to choose what they eat, a “fact” that was backed up by the idea that we’re at the top of the food chain.  Top of the food chain?  Put a human and a lion in a room together and then we’ll see who’s top of the food chain.

We crown ourselves superior above all other life because we have the intellect that has allowed us to dominate on this planet.  It’s brains, not brawn, that’s put us in this position.  We’ve created technology beyond anything our ancestors could have dreamed of.  We can send people into outer space or down into the deepest depths of the ocean.  We’ve evolved to a point where we’re living much longer and healthier lives.  We’ve evolved to…

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