How to be a southern housewife: response

Hey everyone! So, today you might have noticed the article that I posted today. I talked about why it’s harmful to be a housewife, and why it’s damaging to feminism. We are not living in the 1950s. Well, some housewife by the name of “sweet baby cadillac” responded to my post on her blog. She seemed extremely offended, so I think I would just like to clarify a few things…

First, she says:

Our men work hard daily to supply us with the money to live, as well as taking care of our needs, which include clothing, housing, food and luxury items. In most circumstances women want for nothing in these situations and so to honor the husband by putting his needs above our own is not unheard of. Submission is not always a negative ideal. My Mother was a single mom who didn’t do much. I had no display of a traditionalist life. I do these things because I love my husband, and he works a very labor intensive job. If I plate his food and serve him first, it gives him more energy to interact with me after a long hard day.”

Response: Submission is, according to the google definition: the action or fact of accepting or yielding to a superior force or to the will or authority of another person. Hmm. I’m not sure if I’d want my husband to be a superior force. Weren’t all humans created equally? Submission doesn’t sound equal to me. She even admits that she plates his food first. Did I not say that he isn’t a king? This woman is degrading and dehumanizing women everywhere. She’s turning them into inanimate objects that serve and bow down to their husbands. 

“You did not directly link the post, so I cannot check this for validity, but I find it hard to believe this is the exact term used for this rule. Most Home Makers have a system down to keep the house clean daily without straining to do every chore daily. By cleaning up after everyone in the home, you are not enabling childlike behavior, you are caring for someone who works out of the home and supplies you with an income. It’s simply trashy to live in an unclean and un-hygienic home, So to clean daily is just good practice. If it is done before he gets home, that is time you can be spending together to keep the marriage bond strong.”

Response: Great start. She calls me a liar. Yes, this was the exact term from the blog. I refused to give out this woman’s blog (original post) because I wanted to be respectful and not bully her. Cleaning is good, but why does the woman clean? Does her husband even do any chores? She’s picking my argument apart while refusing to look at the big picture. The fact that it is expected of the WOMAN to cook and clean is sexist and degrading. And the fact that she willingly does it, is revolting. I mean, I tried to be polite, and she can do what she wants, but to encourage it? Really? Is she even aware of the inequalities that women faced in the 50s? Without feminism, she could’ve been raped and on the streets. Without feminism, this woman wouldn’t even have a blog. She wouldn’t have the right to speak, let alone write this entire post.

“Again, making a lunch for your husband is helping respect and thank him for his hard work. Some men do not have time to make themselves lunch. If you’re a stay-at-home wife, you can spare the time. Get off the damn internet and dote on your husband. You may find he returns the gesture in different but mutually pleasing ways.”

Response: Okay, don’t even try to tell me that he returns the gesture in “mutually pleasing ways.” All she does is clean, and no offense, but she doesn’t even have a job? What gesture did she provide? Being a maid? I don’t know if she’s referring to me when she said, “get off the damn internet” but isn’t she on the internet too? 

“What is wrong with being his little dolly? And what is wrong with a man taking pride in his wife?”

Response: I’ll tell you what’s wrong. Degrading women and turning them into INANIMATE OBJECTS (spoiler alert: that’s what a doll is) is disgusting. Her husband must be a real misogynist. A man can be HAPPY to have his wife but NOT pride. He did not create her. He did not earn her. She is a human being, not a toy.

“Are you bashing someone’s religious choices? You probably read in a book that the earth is round. Now, that you have been taught the earth is round would you justify travelling around it without the chance of falling off? Using the bible to justify the way of living your life is perfectly fine for people who identify as Christian. Dehumanizing someone because of that choice is completely horrendous and I’m ashamed of you.”

Response: No, I would never bash a religion. It’s the fact that she is using the bible to JUSTIFY being treated like dirt. That’s like using the bible to justify slaughtering and eating corpses. (What you call meat…) She misinterpreted my meaning. In fact, if anyone is dehumanizing women, it’s housewives.

“He is far from a child. I wonder if you have ever met a true masculine traditionalist man. Call him a child and see where that gets you.”

Response: I don’t know where you’re from, but where I live we don’t threaten people’s physical strength or intelligence, if that’s what you were referring to. I have called him a child and I’ll do it again. You really don’t get it, do you? 



Okay, okay, I’ve simply had enough. This woman is beyond brainwashed and sadly there’s nothing that I can do to fix it. I don’t care if she responds again (she lives at home all day, so what else is she going to do?)

Lastly, I’d like to state that once again, there is nothing wrong with living at home, especially if you have children. But sometimes sexism goes too far, especially when it’s the women endorsing it. I feel very sorry for people who are mistreated. This woman may be happy, and good for her, but insulting feminism, and spitting in its face is disgusting.

Oh, and Happy National Women’s History Month! Ironic, ain’t it? 😉


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13 thoughts on “How to be a southern housewife: response”

  1. I’m really glad to be able to discuss this with you. I will be taking time to respond to this, probably tomorrow. But for now I’m winding down from the gym. Have a splendid evening.


    1. Your response is not needed. I’m glad that you got to see my side, but I did not intend to start a debate. You keep living your life, and I’ll keep living mine. Since the woman was not a feminist, I felt the need to respond to her post. Please, continue with your life. Don’t let me get in the way.


      1. I will do as you request as long as you can learn to not tell women they are wrong for choosing this way of life. THAT is anti-feminism. I do not take offense, merely wish to speak on a topic that you put in a negative light. Regardless of your next post, I will cease from targeting you as a basis for the debate.

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      2. Feminism disregards gender roles, while being a housewife promotes and endorses it. Feminists believe in giving women equal social, political, and economic rights. Housewives fall under the category of social inequalities. I did not say that it wasn’t okay for a person to stay home, only that it was unequal. Thank you for your respect.


  2. She’s young, Christian, lives in a flyover state. Either she’ll stay subservient to her husband forever and live in a male-dominated religious community where other wives are told what makes a good Christian wife, or she’ll expand her horizons a little and realize there is more to life than being someone’s willing slave.

    Yes, I am casting judgement, but not on this person – I’m casting judgement upon the community in which she was raised, taught, enslaved.

    It’s called Stockholm syndrome. I’m sure her husband might be fine person as well, it’s just how some people are raised. Modern society hasn’t hit certain parts of the US yet, and I’m sure those members of the community prefer it that way, since they view most of today’s society as immoral, and perhaps even evil.


    1. I agree 100%. You make perfectly valid points. It is not entirely her fault that she was raised this way. I mean, of course she’d get defensive if somebody is disapproving of the lifestyle that she’s been living, and the patriarchal society that she grew up in. Thank you for your detailed response.


  3. You make me sound like a naive Mennonite. That’s funny. Anyways, when you talk about young, do you realize the author of this post is 17?

    Never the less, you’re assuming way too much and I find it amusing how wrong you are. Your ignorance really makes me concerned.

    P.S. My mother is a feminist so I wasn’t raised this way.


    1. Your mom was a feminist and you weren’t raised this way? Which means you *chose* to join this community and live this way?

      And you’re concerned about *me?*


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    2. Is there some reason that you felt the need to point out my age? Am I suddenly less qualified because I am younger than you? (And I have more sense?) Somehow, your mother was a “feminist” but you turned out like that? Kind of hard to believe. I believe that Aaron was completely right. I thought even you would agree.


  4. Why did she assume that you’re married? Some women just like being single. Not everyone wants to be a slave, I wrote this whole post on gender roles. Not like she’s logical enough to handle it…Anyways, wonderful post!


    1. Thank you. I agree. I feel sorry that housewives like her feel offended enough to make an entire post to justify their slave lifestyles to make themselves feel better. These women are quite young too…


      1. They say younger ones are easier to get sucked into domestic abuse because they don’t have to work. Not saying she is domestically abused, but why else would she act so attentive? Like she doesn’t want to shake the boat. Anyways, I’m glad your writing posts about these slaves. End Slavery!

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      2. I feel extremely sorry if she is handling that type of situation, but she’s obviously not. I feel bad for the two women who are continuing to harass and bully me online by posting 4 posts in total about how much of a terrible person I am for pointing out their flaws. They even linked my blog on their blogs so that their precious housewife slave followers would also harass me. I bet, after this comment, one of them will make another post *sigh*. I have had enough of their ignorance and arrogance. One of them is so egotistical as to say that she is better than me just because she is older. She is so bored that I bet she is reading this comment right now. I hope that women in the south in the future will get some of their own frickin independence and get off of their lazy…

        I’ve have ENOUGH of them. I guess that one girl has enough time to write 4 hours worth of posts about me and other feminists. I have gotten to a point where I will literally speak everything that’s on my mind. Usually I would have NEVER made a post like the ones I did, but they really got on my nerves. Luckily, for every 1 degrading housewife, there are 20 feminists. Thank you for your comment and for sharing your wisdom.

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