My Thoughts on Snapchat

You know that super popular app that’s talked about everywhere, but you don’t really know why? Maybe you use this app, but you don’t understand why celebrities and Youtubers are so obsessed with it?

Okay, maybe that’s just me. It seems that nowadays, Snapchat is everywhere. It is talked about in school, in the grocery store, and on the internet. What I don’t understand is why it’s so popular.

I will admit, when I first got this app, I thought it was incredible. You could communicate with your friends in a whole new way. You could actually see their faces behind the message. You could tell if they were being sarcastic or not, you could make funny pictures and laugh at other people, and you could express your thoughts in a creative way.

But then I started to notice something. I noticed that people were taking more, more, and more selfies. Why? Because they had to! For Snapchat!

To me, Snapchat is contributing to a more self-absorbed society. It is giving more people more excuses to take selfies, and now it’s socially acceptable to take 20 selfies, and post them on your Snapchat story for no apparent reason.

I believe in putting a little to no value stamp on your appearance. Why? Because being insecure on your looks helps contribute to depression, shame, embarrassment, and even eating or mental disorders.

Another thing that I’ve noticed is that people just hang out with their friends… to show them off on Snapchat. There’s this unspoken thing where you hang out with your friends and post them just to let people know that you are popular and you “have a life.” This to me is also damaging to not only the viewer’s self-esteem, but to the poster as well. Are we really going to base our self-worth on how many Snapchat stories we can post with our friends? Shouldn’t we be more focused on hanging out with them, IRL, and living in the moment?

But maybe that’s just me.

I mean, this social media app has gone so far as to make staring at yourself in a video, listening or lip-syncing to music, socially acceptable. What?

This app also influences young teens to care more about their outer appearance. It pressures them to take more selfies, buy “selfie lights” from Kylie Jenner, and put on makeup for an hour, just to take a selfie. This is basically just the new Instagram. Yawn.

And lastly, this app is creating terrible memes! I mean, the “Damn Daniel” meme? Really? It wasn’t even remotely funny, and not only that, these young men (14 and 15…) are becoming internet stars overnight… for what? Showing off shoes and saying “damn Daniel” in a “funny” voice? They were actually on Ellen, believe it or not.


In conclusion, this app is slightly dangerous, so take this as a warning from me. I have learned all of this from personal experience.

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4 thoughts on “My Thoughts on Snapchat”

  1. and what’s up with people videotaping themselves talking for like 10 minutes about politics, food, shoes, etc?! I watch the stories of my family and fuck everyone else with their long winded monologues!


  2. very different perspective, as always. Martiza. I tried once or twice, this app, but didn’t get hooked to it. After reading your post, I guess it was good that I didn’t. šŸ™‚

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