A Sparkle of Wonderment: Chapter 2

There are three orbs hidden throughout our land. One is in the moon children’s forest, another in the Garden of Flowers, and the last one in the Elvish land.” Ashlen had already gotten the one from his own land, but that had taken him two years. At this rate, will he be able to save the moon children’s forest, or will it return to the soil from whence it came? He had been studying moon children for years, and the very thought of them excited him, but they didn’t seem to want his help at all. Ashlen remembered last night. He yearned to see the moon child again. The touch of her cool hand still lingered in his.

He woke up and strolled to look for a pond. He spotted one at once, and quickly dove his hand into the water, creating ripples upon the surface. The fish in the pond scattered within seconds. He moved his hand around, looking for a pond plant that he could munch on. He felt one and ripped it from it’s roots. It was turgrus, his favorite water plant. Not only was it delicious, but it was very good for healing too. He climbed up into a tree for a morning view of the clouds and relaxed in a bed of leaves, at the top of an energy tree. He admired the blue sky, and he noticed shades of purple mixed within the clouds. The moon children’s forest tended to have strange affects on the sky, but Ashlen always found it quite beautiful. He meditated with his calming thoughts in the slim energy tree until he felt ready to move on with his journey. He remembered the elder telling him one last thing.

“When you enter the moon children’s forest, it is unlikely that you will see moon children, because they have been gone for many years, but if you do, tell them of your quest. They will know what to do. There is something, a map I’m sure, that they will show you. If they like you. You see, moon children are very confident, yet shy creatures. It can take years to get close to them.” Ashlen suddenly understood why the celestial moon child had acted the way that she did yesterday night. He should have been more careful.

He swung down from the tree and grabbed his brown cloth bag. The sun was warming his golden-spun hair. He smiled at the sight of such a beautiful morning sky. He continued to walk on what seemed to be a path. He continued until he suddenly reached a dead end. Confused, Ashlen contemplated turning around and going in a different direction. Before he could continue, he heard a small voice come from behind some trees.

“Hello? Who’s there?” Ashlen grabbed his handcrafted knife and gripped it tightly into his hand. He suddenly saw a small child approach him. Her hair was pitch black, her skin was ghost pale, and she looked up at Ashlen with pale watery eyes.

“Hello young one. Are you lost?” The child did not answer. Instead, she started to cry. Tears rushed down her face, and the tears came in gallons. Soon, Ashlen was covered in a puddle of tears. Suddenly afraid, Ashlen started to run. Before he could, the water stung his body and seeped into his veins. He was paralyzed. He heard the child speak,

“I always love the look on my victim’s faces when they realize that I am not some weak little child.” Ashlen turned his head an inch to see that the child’s eyes were black and large. It’s teeth were razor sharp, and it’s body was thin and slimy. Ashlen’s face turned pale and his feet felt glued to the ground.

Welcome to the beginning of the end.”

I hope you enjoyed part 2 of the story I am writing. I just wrote this out of boredom, so don’t take it too seriously. 🙂 Thank you for reading!


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