A Sparkle of Wonderment

The dim light sparkled in her eyes. The moonlight shone on her delicate skin, shining like a million diamonds in the starry sky. Her laugh was childlike, innocent, and it lingered throughout the misty forest. Lyna, she was called. Through the dim forest she walked, careful of every step. She was a moon child. A rare sight now to see. They were dying, as the destruction of the circlets was the main cause. Their energy was fading, and nothing was to be done. She did not mind though, because she had faith in her kind. Lyna swiftly swung down from a tree and landed gracefully in front of a pond. The moon’s reflection shimmered, and from her impact came ripples onto the pond’s surface. The water was so clear that glowing fish could be seen. Their bodies shone like gemstones, and they shimmered, like many things in the moon children’s forest. The forest was once a sacred place, but now, it became dreary. Few things of innocence were left.

Like a child, who often sees things in wonderment, she gazed upon the translucent pond. She smiled and dipped the tip of her finger into the water. The fish swam in patterns, excited at her presence. She laughed once again, like a small bell tinkling with delight. The wind whistled through the glowing blue trees. They glowed with power and truth. Lyna sat alone in the darkness, pondering about her life. What will she do to bring the circlets back? She didn’t want to be naive, she must be brave. She was stronger than most, but was she strong enough?

Suddenly, she heard a small rustle to her right. Her pointy ears perked up in caution.

“Who’s there?” Lyna asked confidently. She stood up and turned around. With her shoulders back and her head high, she was not afraid.

Something stepped out of the bushes. It was an Elvlish child. He did not look much like a child however, Lyna thought. His jawline was sharp, and his eyes were piercing green. Leaves adorned his body in a delicate fashion. His eyes met with Lyna’s, and he gazed at her presence in wonderment.

“I have not seen a moon child for many years, or has anyone!” Exclaimed the Elvish child. His smile lit up the forest, and he laughed with delight. Lyna looked at him cautiously. “There is no need to fear. For I am on a journey.” He stepped towards Lyna, reaching out his delicate hand, decorated with many rings and jewels. With caution, Lyna reached out her small hand, and took his. “You are beautiful. I have never seen something with such beauty. Your hair shines like crystal, and your eyes are like a jewel I have never seen before. Why are you alone? How old are you? You look like a child, yet something about you…” Lyna quickly withdrew her hand from his. Tears sprung to her eyes. Her hair flowed behind her as she ran and ran and ran. How dare he! He doesn’t even know me, Lyna thought. What am I to him? An object of beauty?

In shock, the Elvish child, Ashlen cried out, “Wait, I did not mean to cause offense! Please, I pray you, return. I wish to speak once more with you.” But she was too far off. Ashlen stood confused for five minutes, wondering about this celestial child that he had laid eyes upon. A pang of regret and sorrow swam through his entire being. Where did she go? Why did she have to leave? Out of the corner of Ashlen’s eye, something glowed upon the earthy ground. Two iridescent tears decorated the forest floor. They were shining ever so brightly, and Ashlen could not believe his eyes. Who was this wonderful creature? Will I ever see her again? Ashlen then promised himself, “I must see her beauty again.” With that last thought, he gathered a bed of leaves and thus fell asleep.

Lyna continued to run and run until her feet could carry her no more. She was running out of energy, and she must regain her strength before traveling farther. She flowed gracefully down onto a mushroom the size of her body, and closed her eyes. She called to the trees, and she absorbed their power. Her hair blew and waved about her head, and her body tingled with absorption. She was regenerated. Once again, she closed her lavender colored eyes, and commenced in the activity of sleep.

When Lyna awoke, she did not realize how far she had actually made it. She lay at the end of the moon forest. Before her stood the Garden of Flowers. The sun shone brightly, warming her face and softening her hair. The sky was ever blue this morning. Here lived the flower children. She had not seen them in years. Dew drops decorated the leaves and buds of flowers beginning to bloom. She looked around her, and she saw the flower children, laughing and chattering in that sweet delicate way that they always talked. You would never hear a flower child shout in anger, or yell at an octave louder than a flygone could. She once loved holding conversations with flower children. Ever sweet and kind they were. She lifted her body, and walked towards a Rosebud child.

“Hello, sweet one. How are you on this wonderful morning?” Lyna smiled with genuine kindness and spoke with care. The Rosebud child stared, wide eyed, and a smile broke across her face.

“Oh my! I have not seen a mood child ever in my life. I am amazed at how different, and quite beautiful you are. Oh, pardon me for my rudeness! I am happy this morning, especially now that I can hold a conversation with you!” The Rosebud child’s cheeks were blush colored and her pastel colored hair flowed down to her feet. Lyna smiled and wondered if there might be somewhere she can find something to eat. “Of course, sweetheart! Why, come to my cottage, if you please! I was only about to have my morning tea.” Lyna graciously accepted, thankful that she was here. However, her thoughts were corrupted with the Elvish child. She could not forget the way he laughed. His bright smile was something she had never seen before, and his wonderment at Lyna made her uncomfortable, but it also made her blush just thinking about it… Had she overreacted last night? A sting of regret hit her, and she suddenly felt upset that she had left him all alone, especially since the forest is not safe anymore! Oh, no, what if!…

Ashlen sat up from his bed of leaves. He rubbed his eyes and remembered where he was. His mind immediately refreshed itself.


This was a sample of the new story that I am writing. I am not sure how long I’ll continue, because this was mostly for fun. Thank you for reading and leave a comment if you enjoyed! 🙂


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  1. I enjoyed it! You write so well! (And, as an English teacher, I feel that counts!) It was really good, though, and you should keep it up!


    1. Thank you very much! That means a lot to me. I think I will continue the book and see how far I get. So far I have planned out a bit of the plot and the characters so I will see where that takes me! I think I just randomly got inspired by J R R Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings and how beautifully he wrote. Once again, thank you for your kind feedback! 🙂

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      1. No problems!!
        And I understand completely … LoTR and The Hobbit (book, for me, in this case, not movie) are epically awesome.


      2. I was watching a documentary on Tolkien’s life and how he created the books and I found it remarkable. He spent so much of his life creating a fantasy world and no one to this day has been able to match up to his work. I agree. 🙂

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      3. Nope, it’s not just you. I dig him all the way! I know, and Boromir was so brave and just wanted what was right for Gondor!


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