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I have always enjoyed video games, especially since my generation is born in the age of technology. I never had to deal with bad quality 2d games. (Nothing against them! I lot of them are very amazing, I mean who doesn’t love Mario or Pacman?)

My dad recently purchased the XBOX ONE and ever since then I have been really into gaming. I am no pro, but I am slowly getting better. I think gaming has actually taught me a lot about strategy, skills, and survival.

A few really good games that I am playing now are…

  1. Ori and the Blind Forest: I just finished this game quite recently (Okay, I finished it two times within the span of 2 weeks) and I can safely say that this is one of the best video games I have EVER played. The graphics are incredible, the soundtrack is so beautiful, and the storyline is very mystical. It reminds me of Legend of Zelda and a fairytale mixed together. I HIGHLY recommend this game if you have the XBOX ONE, or a PC. It is kind of an underrated game for some reason, but trust me it is amazing.

Age: I think an appropriate age to play this game is 12 and up. I do not think it is violent at all, but it can be very challenging, and that is why I say 12 and up. A 5 year old could play it and not be scared, but that doesn’t mean that he/she will be good at it. It is officially rated E for everyone.

2. Halo: The Master Chief Collection: I know, I know, you already know about Halo and how great it is, but just saying, if you’re a new gamer like me, then you will love this game. It is not too hard for beginners, and the graphics are very impressive. I have just finished Halo 2 and am now on Halo 3, and I have played a ton of the multiplayer games (Spartan Ops) which are also very good, and I think this is not too violent.

Age: In my opinion, this game is very appropriate for 12 and up. For some strange reason it is rated M 17+, and in my opinion it should be rated Teen or something of the sort. There is little to no swearing, and very little blood. (Unless green and blue alien blood counts) so I think it’s very appropriate.


3. Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition: I have never played any of the other Tomb Raider games so Tomb Raider is fairly new to me, but as I am almost done with the game I can say that it is very close to being one of my favorite games ever. The story line is fantastic, Lara Croft is very brave and strong, and the graphics are amazing. Her face is very detailed and I am very shocked at how realistic it is.

Age: This is one of the more violent games, if not the most violent games I have ever played, so I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone under the age of 15. (Unless she/he is very mature.) It is very graphic, and it contains a ton of swear words, so it is for mature gamers. I have seen my fair share of gore and violence so this game is not violent at all to me, but to others who are more sensitive, this can be very frightening to play. I still highly recommend it.


I am slowly branching out to the more mature games, and I am really enjoying the new games so far. I used to play stuff like Super Mario brothers, Super Mario Galaxy 1 and then 2, The Legend of Zelda, etc. So this is quite a change for me, but I am really enjoying the detailed graphics.

I am now playing Shadow of Mordor, which is arguably one of the most detailed and good quality games out there. I will tell you what I think of it later on. It is actually very hard so far.

Thanks for reading and if anybody has any good recommendations for the Xbox One please leave them in the comments below! I would love to play some of your favorites!


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  1. I am currently playing tomb raider and it’s kind of hard. It’s not that violent, it’s just a little intense at times. I got to admit, the graphics are wonderful! I mean, look at her face! This may sound creepy, but I love looting bodies. You get so much salvage! And I get more stuff that way. I mean, it’s rated mature but I can handle it. The only thing I hate is Dr. Whitman, he seems really sketchy. Please don’t spoil if he is! I like this post, great job!!

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  2. I don’t really enjoy video games, but I really like to build in Minecraft and play them with my family if they want to. I like creating and exploring, but not so much collecting points that only apply in-game. Partly because the only type of thinking I’ve used for the past 14 years of my life has been building only.


      1. I dismissed Minecraft as something little kids play. I’m an old fogie (who loves the Fallout universe). However, I loaded up the trial on my PS3 and my son was watching me do a few things (because he knew what I was doing, and I didn’t). He begged us to let him play Minecraft on his little kid’s tablet, and we eventually let him earn some play time (he was, I think, five at the time, maybe six). So he’d be playing and he’d ask me how to do something, so I’d have to look it up for him, and then I’d help him.

        It didn’t take long before I had a raging Minecraft addiction. I wanted to BUILD things! I wanted to improve my little house, or make a cave where I was mining. Eventually, he and I would join worlds and build things and discover together.

        While you’re playing, you start to not notice the graphics. You are in the world, just doing things.

        So how happy was I when the developers at Bethesda (Skyrim, Fallout) announced that they had been playing a lot of Minecraft while they were developing Fallout 4 and they were going to include base building and resource gathering in their latest release??

        I’m just saying — sometimes you think you won’t like something, or you’ll have no use for it, and things change once you’re exposed to it. Not telling you to try Minecraft, but just saying I hear you, and I thought the same way… Until I became totally addicted to it. 🙂


      2. I see! Although, I must admit that I’m a snobby gamer that focuses on good graphics, but also a really good story line. I guess that’s why I don’t care for minecraft. I love RPG games. Oh, speaking of Fallout, how is it? I want to purchase one because I’ve never played but I heard some mixed reviews. What do you think?


      3. Well, if you really do love RPG games, Fallout is the grand-daddy of RPG games. But for all its brilliance, it is flawed. If you’re going to try one, I’d say Fallout 4 is the most accessible for the first time user. Just be prepared to be a little frustrated by the User Interface at times.

        The real beauty of Fallout is in the gameplay. There’s always something surprising happening, something new to discover. The depth to the world is unlike just about anything else out there. I’d almost recommend trying an older like Fallout: New Vegas or Fallout 3 because you can get it cheap and give it a whirl, but you said you like the pretty graphics, and you can’t get those on those two games unless you own a PC and go through the complicated process of “modding” the game from Once you do that, they can look stunning. But if you’re on a console, you’re pretty much stuck with late 2000-style graphics.

        It’s my favorite game series of all time, but it’s always tough recommending it to folks who haven’t tried it.

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      4. I’m not that picky. I actually really enjoy some of the really old Call of Duty games. (Despite the graphics being eh) I’ll take your advice and get Fallout 4. I would get the older Fallout games but I’m pretty sure that they aren’t available for Xbox one. I am not THAT picky, and plus, with the amazing reviews that Fallout 4 is getting, I’m sure the graphics won’t even be noticed.

        I have another question though. Why is it that the graphics are better on the PC than on a console? I find that strange. Why couldn’t they make the console version exactly like the PC version? I’m not exactly techy so I was wondering.


      5. Consoles have hardware that stays the same for ten years, or however long the lifespan of the box is. So while a console might be very powerful when it first comes out, compared to PC hardware, it’s still usually cheaper than a cutting-edge PC ($400-500 for the console, while a killer PC would be $800-1000). But it can be better optimized for graphics and sound. Also, over time, software developers learn to optimize their software “engines” that the games run on for that console hardware, and learn “cheats” that allow them to get more out of the hardware the more familiar they get with it. That’s how a game like “The Last of Us” on the PS3 turned out to be such an amazing looking game, even at the end of the PS3’s life – because the developer, Naughty Dog, had become intimately familiar with the hardware and knew how to get the best out of it.

        For PC’s, let’s take a title like Tomb Raider. On the console, the settings are already optimized to look as good as they can. For the PC, Tomb Raider will allow you to customize things depending on how powerful your PC hardware is. If you have a budget PC, you can turn down all the graphics settings to allow it to run well on your hardware. If you have a killer PC, you can push the sliders all the way to ULTRA on things like shadow complexity, textures, distance (how far you can see), decals (when you shoot something and it makes a mark on a wall) — all the things that add to the realism. All that takes hardware horsepower. The console’s power is set. The PC’s is not, because you can go buy a newer video card a year from now that will allow you to increase the graphics even more. For a console, you have to wait until they release a new console, and then hope they “port” the game to the new console and juice up the graphics.

        I have sometimes gone back and played PC games I’ve already played years before just to try them with new hardware. A game like Skyrim, for instance, when it came out it looked really good on both console and PC, but if I went out and bought a top-of-the-line video card today for the PC version, I could turn up all the settings, add “mods” that people have created to make it look even better, and push the hardware to the max and it will look 10x as good as the console version.

        Hope that helps.

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      6. That makes a ton of sense! Thank you very much for explaining that. I wish I was that techy though, maybe I’d get better quality. Eh, well, it’s not my TOP priority. Thank you again and I hope you enjoy my future posts! 🙂

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    1. I haven’t met that many people who don’t like video games. I’m shocked because Halo barely has any profanity. You should see Tomb raider, they swear often. With good reason, she is in danger. I hate minecraft, it’s so boring. Halo and Tomb raider are my favorite games because they don’t have prostitution and nude scenes. Just a few violent scenes. I highly recommend it, for more mature people. Who can deal with a little swearing and really fake blood.


      1. It’s a virtual reality. You aren’t killing in real life, just in a game. I’ve had a few friends tell me that you can hire prostitutes in another game. I think it was Grand Theft Auto.


  3. I also don’t like violence or profanity. I only play Halo at my own birthday parties, because it is the only game my friends want to play, and they get depressed when I make them do board games or non-violent games So I let myself get killed in a virtual world two times a minute for two hours. Really hard.


      1. Video games are for entertainment, if you didn’t already know that. I was just saying that it can teach you survival skills and strategy. I’m vegan and I have no problem virtually killing animals or humans. That’s because I’m mature enough to be able to tell reality from gaming. Just saying, you’re missing out a whole lot.

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      2. Do you need realistic graphics to practice strategy? I think it would be fun to make a game that the strategy takes up the full processing of the computer, so the graphics would be cheap, but the game would be super intense! I am going to make some games like that someday. I am also going to make a partially violent game where the goal is to avoid distraction, and rebuild what the villains destroy.


      3. People enjoy realistic graphics. I find it amazing how far technology has come in the past 20 years. People would pay a ton of money for realistic graphics, and feel more immersed into the game, so who would want cheap graphics? Plus, I’m not just talking about graphics, I’m talking about the quality as well. Tomb Raider and Halo are games that not only have amazing graphics, but amazing quality as well. Good luck with that, but if I’m being completely honest with you, people would much rather have a game with good quality and good graphics. I love video games because it’s like reading. You can immerse yourself into another world, and with good graphics, it feels as if you’re really there.Some games are really cinematic, like a movie that you participate in, for example, Tomb Raider. I don’t even know why this is a topic. Most people actually agree with me. It’s rare people like you that blow my mind. Very strange you are I must admit.

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      4. I enjoy realistic graphics that portray beauty, like nature or beautiful fantasy worlds. You are also very strange I must admit, but where the crowd is in a bad place, strange is generally a good thing, as it is in your case. Don’t misunderstand me, I think that the developers of those games are awesome, (unless the game contains porn, there’s absolutely nothing good about that) and I think it’s great that you are good at those games, you have to be smart and quick to survive in them.


      5. I agree. That is what I was talking about. You don’t think Halo has beautiful graphics? The scenery is just stunning! Tomb Raider Definitive Edition has some amazing scenery as well. The water is very realistic. I will not play a game with terrible graphics, and that’s not just me. Many people agree with me.

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      6. Simulated death is just not entertaining for me. It is easily bearable, I just don’t like it. The sign of innocence is over-humanisation. In order to become more innocent, I over-humanize. I still value humans more than animals and animals more than things, but I think everything has a spirit and want’s love, and that simulating an attack cannot create any good.


      7. We agree in personal freedom, that people should think for themselves, we both agree that animals should not be killed, that there is a god, that what society uses as marriage is twisted and wrong, and we both believe that nobody punishes us for sinning, only we punish ourselves by sinning. We also believe both genders are equal in worth. We agree that gravity exists, and an infinite list of other obvious things.


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