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I have been kind of down lately, and I think it’s due to the rainy weather. Don’t get me wrong, I love rainy weather, I really do, but sometimes when I can’t go out to meditate or relax, I feel like I’m trapped in a box. Don’t be surprised reader when I say that I haven’t left my house for 5 days.

I’ve also noticed that the more I look at the news and how negative things are in the world, the more depressed I am. I really stand by the saying ignorance is bliss, and I believe it 100%. I don’t want to be ignorant, but at the same time, what if knowing all of these things makes me a completely pessimistic and negative person? (No offense, but that’s exactly how my father is.)

Should I give up trying to get into politics and just accept that there is no ideal society? I am already aware that humans are incredibly destructive, greedy, evil, and selfish, so why am I focusing all of my energy on helping them? I have already realized that there is no right or wrong side in politics. Both sides are good at different things, but both are ultimately wrong. When will people try to help things other than their own kind? How about the environment? How about the billions of animals that are killed yearly? We eat 9 times our human population (65 billion) in animals per year. I know this is a typical thing for a vegan to say, but when will we stop caring about ourselves? Honestly, I don’t think that will ever happen. People will continue to eat corpses, and although it doesn’t really sit well with me, what can I do?

Sometimes I feel so helpless, and I want to give up, but then I remember that even saving one animal’s life is enough to me. Even saving 1,100 gallons of water per day (by being vegan) is enough for me. I know that our human race will not end well, but maybe we deserve it. We have done nothing but bad for this planet…

America is going down the drain, and there are various excuses that people use. “Obama,” “Terrorists,” “Libtards,” etc. Why can’t you just accept that it was doomed from the start because humans only care about themselves?

Why can’t anyone accept that? Even I am not some innocent vegan saint. I may care about animals, but I don’t have a shred of sympathy for the human race. That is wrong too, and I know it, but who can stop me? Nobody is right in this world. There aren’t any right sides at all on Earth.

So what do I think people should do?

Do what makes you happy, because in the end, we will always be selfish creatures, and no human can be selfless. Just a fact. I used to disagree with everything I am saying now, but it took me a while to realize the truth.

I am still ignorant and naive, so I might change my mind later, but for now, these are my opinions.

Thank you for reading.


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12 thoughts on “My Thoughts of the Day”

    1. Of course you do ha ha. Well, humans are humans. Our existence is not right or wrong (although I think it is wrong), and our ideas are not right or wrong. Humans do only care about themselves. I find you a little naive for thinking that, but it’s okay. I don’t think that altruism can make you happy personally, because it could lead to an unsatisfying life. It might work if everybody was altruistic, but that’s not so. Humans who view humans as the most important beings are very selfish, and you believe that, so in fact, you are selfish. So am I. Everybody is. Your statement was very funny.

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  1. It’s true there’s no perfect society, but we can find ways to do better than we did before. It can be so frustrating trying to make things better and not seeing progress, but if we give up then we will make no progress at all. Of course, it’s healthy to take breaks and rest, or even stop doing something indefinitely if it’s taking too much of a toll on you. But maybe then you can find something else to do to make things better–even if it’s only to make your own life better.

    I might be coming across as naively optimistic here… which is really quite odd for me. Often, I am the cynical, depressed one, the one who struggles to see any point in even trying.

    As far as selfishness, though, absolutely humans are selfish. Even when we do good things for others, we do it because it makes us feel good. But I don’t think that selfishness dooms us or makes us bad people. Many of the things I do to benefit others (like holding the door for someone whose hands are full), I do because I’d like to live in a world where others will do the same for me. Just because we are selfish does not mean we can’t try to benefit ourselves and others at the same time. And it’s no accident that when I struggle, perhaps futilely, to make the world more like the world I want to live in, I focus on the issues I care about, and I do the things I think are fun, like blogging.

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    1. I never said that I was going to give up improving this society, and I’m actually pretty involved in politics. I was just questioning it a bit here like I always do.

      I agree with you. Sorry it took so long to respond. I get quite a few notifications and it gets lost. Thank you for your comment! πŸ™‚

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  2. Ignorance is bliss, but when it comes to meat, it’s not true. If you stay in the dark about meat, you could get heart disease. That doesn’t sound like bliss. πŸ˜‰ I loved this post! So true, my area is pretty rainy all the time. But that’s not the point of your post, I agree that humans only care for humans. Not for animals, this earth, and plants. And if they do care about the Earth, most likely they think like this “Well, if I destroy the Earth, my kids won’t be able to live on it.Or when I’m retired.” They don’t care about Earth, they care about how it affects them or their family. You get what I’m saying? So selfish.

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