Things vegans and atheists have in common

I made a post a while back called “Are all vegans ‘atheist liberals'” where I talked about the confusing stereotypes that vegans have and such, so it seems quite funny that today I’m going to be relating what we have in common.

First off, I’d just like to say that I am not an atheist, but I am not exactly religious, which you probably already knew if you follow my blog.

I realized that both vegans and atheists get a lot of hate. We are such a minority in America, or even in the whole world. Vegans are constantly surrounded by annoying ignorant meat eaters, and atheists are surrounded by annoying ignorant religious people. I realized that after becoming vegan, I knew how atheists, (or any other minority group) feel to be made fun of or discriminated against. Of course it’s not on the same level as racism or feminism, but it can really put a negative impact on your life.

Veganism has really affected my life, and I’m glad (and quite shocked) to how different I see the world now because of it. I can relate to people I have never been able to relate to before, and I got to experience a whole new life.

The next thing I’d like to talk about is how we (vegans and atheists) view things. Obviously this is not true for everyone, but I noticed that vegans and atheists tend to have a more realistic view on life. They don’t believe in sunshine and fairy dust or that the world is a land of butterflies and kissable kittens. We view things realistically, and even negatively at some times.

I am not positive all the time, and I do feel disgusted by humanity quite often, and I can relate to people who agree.

I don’t know if what I’m saying makes sense. This just randomly occurred to me yesterday while I was just sitting and pondering how I’m feeling, and thinking about how our world works.

As always, thanks for reading.



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34 thoughts on “Things vegans and atheists have in common”

  1. I find it’s a lot easier to understand and relate to other minority groups that are discriminated against after having found myself part of a minority group that’s discriminated against. Not that I know what it’s like to be a member of any minority group that I’m not part of, and the experiences of different minority groups are of course different, but it does make it easier to relate when I have had experiences myself that are similar in some way. Plus, it’s given me a completely different perspective on seeing how discrimination plays out in society.

    For instance, I’ll read about someone wondering if racism is part of why no one sat near them when they were the only person of color at an event, and I’ll think of the time when I wondered if part of the reason I got a lower grade on a paper was that I wrote about asexuality. It can be hard to tell. Sometimes, you can see a general trend where you get treated a certain way more often than other people do, but you can’t necessarily tell which specific incidents were discrimination.

    A lot of times people will dismiss incidents like that because, well, it could have also been all of these other innocent reasons. And it could have been. But they’re only looking at the one incident. They’re not the ones wondering for hundredth time if things played out the way they did because they are part of group X.


      1. I was talking about my personal experiences with religious people. Some of them are extreme in a bad way. Extreme is good but not when it comes to beleifs. It’s not always good to be very religious and use it as an excuse to do something.

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  2. The vegan ethos belongs to everyone, it is not a minority interest group – based on ethnicity, gender politics, sexual preferences or whatever – and vegans should always be wary of any such minority interest groups seeking to seeking to hijack the vegan ethos for their own ends.


    1. Most vegans consider themselves a minority, and correct me if I’m wrong, but a minority group is a group of people that are less than the majority. That’s the actual definition. I’m not atheist, so I find you funny how you think other minorities would “hijack” vegan ethos, when in reality I was talking about my own experiences and how I can now relate to other minority groups that I could never relate to before.


      1. I’m talking about people who become vegan because they *want* it to be a ‘minority interest group’, like others that they adhere to. To quote Donald Watson ‘In the early years great care was taken to prevent the cause from being purloined by other irrelevant cults. This vigilance is still needed, and perhaps always will be’.


      2. I apologize if I sound rude but I didn’t agree with your comment. I am a Christian and vegan, I agreed with this post. When you are in the minority, (veganism) you get made fun of and aren’t taken seriously. So whether you want it or not, you are part of the vegan community for being vegan. Whether I like or not, I am part Asian which is a minority. So I face discrimination. She was purely stating what minorities have in common, she’s not even atheist. It was just her observation. Plus, you think I’m going to be suddenly atheist after reading this post?


      3. Well, as I belong the majority of humankind that is not American, then I view things from a different perspective.


      4. Don’t tell me you haven’t heard a joke about your lifestyle before. You normally belong to some kind of minority. In fact, you are the minority by being vegan. There is no sense in denying. Your name is Secular Vegan. You are part of a minority in both your veganism and your non religion. So….


      5. I can’t quite understand if you agree with my post or hate it. I’m fine with you hating it, but accusing me of having some “hidden agenda” and wanting to be a part of a minority group is not okay. Why don’t we stop talking about human affairs, and talk about what matters the most: Animals. I thought you were vegan… Instead of arguing about the name, focus on why you are vegan lol.. Seems like you don’t even care.


      6. Why would they though? You don’t choose to be a part of a minority group. Everybody is in a minority group in some way. Minorities aren’t defined by race or gender. Anyone can be in a minority group.


      7. I didn’t accuse you of having a hidden agenda. The point I was making was in relation to comments already posted above; and yes some people *do* choose to be in a minority group or several of them, the more the merrier.


      8. Just because you’ve been vegan for a long time, doesn’t mean you’re right about anything. You could be vegan and not know anything about veganism. Do you wear leather, fur, wool, silk, or eat honey?
        Tons of vegans claim to be vegan but do all of the above. You can continue being an aloof weird vegan but like it or not, you are a part of a community, you just choose to be alone. Since you are, feel free to leave. This post was meant for people in the vegan community or people that can relate, and so this certainly doesn’t apply to you. Calling me names (whether sarcastic or not) is very immature and so I say farewell. Any future comments of yours will be deleted. 🙂


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