My Experience with Bullies

Growing up we are told that bullies are a natural part of our lives, and that we need to learn to “toughen up.” Little do these people know that bullies can really affect people.

Some young beautiful teenage girls are bullied for their weight so that they resort to eating disorders.

Some perfect young boys are bullied for being a “sissy,” “gay,” etc so they resort to suicide.

Bullies are not a natural part of our lives. Sure, we can get a tougher skin, but bullies can make you or break you. If you can’t deal with that kind of stress, like many young people, you might just end up depressed, suicidal, or with a disorder.

We all know that bullies bully because they want themselves to feel better, so really, we need to feel bad for them. They are malicious, cruel, and moronic because they don’t know how else to express their emotions other than with anger or teasing.

I was bullied in middle school, verbally and physically.

When I was in seventh grade, I remember that our tables were in group form, and four people sat at each table. There were three guys… yeah that’s right. I was the only girl. Now usually there is nothing wrong with that, but in seventh grade, most boys (not all) tend to be VERY immature. Perverted, idiotic, and just plain sad were three words that described these boys. Actually, just one of them. Let’s just say his name is Marco. So Marco was just a typical middle school boy (In my experience) and he was very immature. Very. He started off quite innocent. Joking with his friends at the table, and ignoring me. But then he started to get bored. He would tease me, make jokes about me (sexist ones might I add,) and physically hurt me. He actually hit me (for a joke, don’t remember exactly) and I was so shocked that I didn’t say anything. Back then, I couldn’t stand up to bullies. I was one of those shy girls in the background that got really good grades. Once he actually brought this joke type pen that shocked you when you pressed the clicky thing on the top. He actually forced me to press it. And I did. Looking back, I feel so bad for middle school me because she was too shy to stand up for herself. Another time, he actually rated me (based on my body and face, very offensive, IMO) and he laughed at me because I was so “ugly.” I would be so afraid to go to that class daily because I just couldn’t stand up for myself.

The WORST part was that before I sat with him in class, I had a crush on him. Yeah, ouch. My own crush bullied me. Obviously I hated him after I got to know him. But, the story doesn’t end terribly. After a week of being bullied, I finally emailed my teacher, telling him that the boys I sat next to were distracting, and he moved me away from them. I felt a lot better after that.

As horrid as it sounds, I learned something so valuable from this experience. I had the power to stand up for myself, even if it was a simple email. I know I should have told the teacher that they were bullying me, but if you knew shy 13 year old Maritza, you’d know that it would be impossible.

You might be wondering, what would present Maritza do if those guys did that to her now? Honestly, I would say/do something so horrible that they would be afraid to look me in the eye. I DO NOT tolerate bullies. Especially when they get pleasure from bringing me down.

Lastly, I’d like to briefly talk about internet bullies. These are a type of bullies that can really affect people. They can actually cause people to drive to eating disorders or commit suicide, so always be careful of what you say to others online. When I argue/debate with someone online, I always make sure not to resort to name calling. If I do slip one out, I usually apologize, unless they so obviously don’t act affected, and they insult me back. It’s important to be mature on the internet, because you have to be aware that anyone can read it. Also, responding just so you can get the last word is very immature, not to mention a waste of your time, so make sure not to do that either.

I haven’t really experienced internet bullies luckily, although I might have, but not considered them bullies because they didn’t affect me, but you need to remember that most bullies online would never say that to someone in real life. Everything I type online is something I would not hesitate to say in real life. If you know me, I am the type of person who is not afraid to speak her mind, and I will call people out if they are disrespecting me or others.

In all, my experiences with bullies have indeed made me stronger, but I do realize that this is not the case for everyone, and I hope that the amount of bullies will be reduced in the future.

Thanks for reading.


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13 thoughts on “My Experience with Bullies”

  1. I’m the same! I have the balls to say what I write in person, and do so frequently. I don’t let anyone take away my opinion or voice (not anymore) for very similar reasons to the ones you just wrote.


  2. Nicee . October was #bullypreventionmonth we should make it go viral every year. I wrote a funnily post on it. I hope that guy hasn’t turned to an adult bully.


  3. I can’t really say I speak out mostly, for me I have grown so thick skin that I simply ignore, not ignore to remember, because the next minute I don’t even remember anymore. But rest assured, whatever I say about someone when they aren’t there, I can say to their face as well.


  4. I learned how to not let bullies bother me emotionally, but I still had to spend all recess long battling kids who literally wanted to kill me. It felt sickening to throw a kid and for a second, not know if he was going to die from me throwing him. I always warned them before I started fighting back. The teachers were no help. One of the many reasons why I have negative feelings towards teachers. They would never allow any insults or threats, or any thing even close to bullying, even friendly laughing, unless the bullying was targeted at me. I have no idea why, and it was ALL of the teachers who had this double standard. Sorry for ranting. I am going to have to go back to public school after this break and I really hope that the kids are more mature, and that the teachers are more sensible at the high-school. At least I’ve learned how to conceal most of my quirkiness, otherwise I wouldn’t stand a chance.


    1. Like I said in my post, those kids who chose to bully you had problems of their own. Who knows, they could have been abused by their parents, or insecure about their appearance. Teachers are also idiots. They are low paid people who have no lives. Of course they wouldn’t like you. They hate anyone remotely positive. Good luck at high school. I’m a junior, and just warning you, you get a lot of garbage for being a freshman. (If you are, don’t know.) Don’t conceal your quirkiness, or anything. Be yourself. I’d rather be myself and sit alone than lie and be someone I’m not.


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