Rainy Days

Today was another rainy day. The trees were swaying in the chilly breeze, and the raindrops softly pranced on the rooftops of houses. Today was a blissful and quiet day. I tried to enjoy the weather, although it was dreadfully cold. Currently it is 37 degrees Fahrenheit.

I tried to catch up in my classes, because I am slightly behind, so I am almost there. I wish I could go outside and meditate, but obviously that won’t be happening anytime soon. It’s supposed to be rainy all week!

What I love about the rain is that is it is the best bedtime lullaby. I fall asleep so quickly and feel so nice and cozy in my small bedroom.

Rainy days are best paired with a good book, and a hot cup of apple cider, or herbal tea. What do you like to drink on rainy days?

I hope you are enjoying the weather wherever you are!

Thanks for reading.


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43 thoughts on “Rainy Days”

    1. I get snow occasionally in Oregon. I live one hour away from Mount Hood so I could go skiing anytime I want! 🙂 To me, the rain is 20 times better. (Good thing about Oregon. It is the 2nd most rainy state in the U.S.) Snow can be annoying sometimes..

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    2. I was just peacefully reading this post with tea and here you are…again…arguing about how you like snow better…on a rain post.


      1. I didn’t take offense. Do you even post anything or are you always here? I refollowed you because I thought you actually posted stuff.

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      2. If you want a blog, it’s hard to get followers when you post once a month. When I get writer’s block, I post about something on my mind. I hope you don’t just post for school…


      3. I made a lot of non-required writings.
        This is what I am writing now:
        In Herodotus, the Histories, Herodotus tells a story of a Spartan king named _ who was being bribed by a man named Aristagras to fight a war that Cleomenes felt he would lose (because it was a three months journey from one of the would-be battlefields to the other), and Aristagras kept increasing his bribe from ten talents. He was already at fifty talents. The king thought that no amount could tempt him, but his nine year old daughter, Gorgo knew that he could not hold out forever, that at one point he would eventually give in. So she proposed a simple solution, “Father, this stranger will corrupt you if you do not take yourself away!” Fortunately, the king was wise and humble enough to gladly take his daughter’ advice, and he left the room, no longer having to deal with the temptation. I like how this story shows that none us us is invincible against temptation, but we don’t have to stay in temptation or near other bad influences. We can simply walk away. Your willpower is only so strong, and a lot of good people have let themselves become corrupted because they thought that they could withstand influences that they were not strong enough to resist under constant pressure. The key principle in this story is humility. The king was humble enough to listen to his daughter, and humble enough to realize that he was mortal, and could therefore be corrupted.

        We often think that the solution to life is the same one that the horse used in George Orwell’s Animal Farm,“I will work harder.” Usually, instead of working simply harder with our imperfect strength, we just need to take out things from our lives that are wasting time and effort, and focus our time instead around influences for the better, and spend our time improving ourselves and others, rather than trying to please ourselves and others. Pleasure is not the same as joy. We need to ask ourselves with everything we do, “Is this bringing light and joy into my life, or do I do it to please my natural man, or maybe because I feel like I have to?” The best way to answer this question would be to pray.

        Of course, there really is no way to completely eliminate temptation from our lives. There are many temptations we will simply have to resist, and we will fall to many temptations. We will have to repent through the Atonement for those, and keep working afterwards. After we get through this life though, we won’t have to deal with temptation any longer. We need to remember that all of the hard things we have to do and go through are just a short moment, and that we will deeply regret any mistakes we make here.


      4. So…it’s about temptations? What is the Atonement? Is that a mormon thing? Personally, I pray to talk to God, not to ask him to solve all my problems.

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  1. I like to drink too much tea, whatever the weather. So every morning and evening, I have a nice, tall glass of liquid chloropyll. Not only does it balance your Ph, it’s a gentle anti-toxin. And because the chlorphyll molecule so closely resembles the hemoglobin molecule, red blood cells are re-energized by it…

    I love the rain too! I love to watch it when it’s pouring out! As for sleep? Put a clock by my pillow… And yes, I agree: ‘If thine eye offends thee, become a cyclops!’ LOL! Truly! I used to drink! Can’t be around beer, or I’ll drink, and I know it!


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