Life as a Vegan is Actually Hard

Going vegan is like a transformation. Not many people realize this when they go vegan, but they do soon enough. Not once did I expect the endless jokes from family, stereotypes, and misconceptions about veganism, and that they would be so prominent in my observations. Not once did I think people would react so strongly to going vegan. It’s like they looked at me as if I was an alien, or strange foreigner.

I will admit, I see where they are coming from. The myths and rumors about veganism are so common in the media that we are all labeled as freaks.

If you act like you don’t care around meat (when you really do,) not talk about veganism around friends/family (but you really want to,) and not act disgusted about the meat aisle in the grocery store, then people will say, “Wow, I’m so glad you’re not one of those vegans.”

What is that supposed to mean? I can’t care about animals? I am forced to not be disgusted at a corpse being chomped on in front of me?

People don’t realize how hard it actually is to be vegan. You have to deal with idiots weekly, smell meat, see meat, watch meat on TV, etc. You might think I’m exaggerating by now, but remember, meat is not food. Meat is not an object. Meat is the dead corpse of a once living being…

I’ve seen numerous videos of how animals are tortured and slaughtered, and seeing them burned into my brain has an obvious effect on me. It’s extremely hard to act normal around meat, but I have to.

So, this post goes out to the strong, brave vegans who deal with dumb meat heads daily and see corpses as if they were raining from the sky. I really need to give you props. Not once did I realize how hard it actually is.

I’m proud to be vegan, because this journey has made me stronger, and it will continue to strengthen me. I will live knowing that every plant-based meal I eat will not be harming a sentient being who wanted to live.

Meat eaters need to stop seeing meat as an object. THEY are not objects.

Thanks for reading.


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2 thoughts on “Life as a Vegan is Actually Hard”

  1. I have to be honest, I’m not a complete vegan. Please don’t hate me :O( I’m uh.. I’m very attracted to skinless chickens, turkey and fish. Primarily, I eat a lot of mixed beans and salads. I have however run into the same problem as you concerning red meat; it was over hamburger meat in spghetti sauce. So one day I made her some spaghetti with minced turkey meat and didn’t tell her… I asked her how she liked it afterwards and she said it was great! So she couldn’t tell the difference. Cows produce methane, which is 100 times worse than Co2 emmitions! Veggies are delicious, truly fill you with the least calories possible!


    1. I don’t automatically hate everyone who’s not vegan, and I’m sorry if I came off that way! I used to love meat, like you, until I saw the ethical, health, and environmental side. I used to be OBSESSED with burgers, or any cow meat. So funny looking back because now my favorite animal is a cow LOL! Cows do produce methane, and that is why over breeding cows is so bad for the environment! I agree. Veggies are delicious!


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