Little Short Story


(I have been pondering publishing this short story for a while now because I find it kind of silly, but I want to hear some opinions! Please let me know what you think.)

You could say I’ve failed in life. Mid twenties, messy brown hair, beard growing in, basically jobless, and 12 tattoos decorating my body. That basically describes me, you know, in a nutshell. I always concentrated in school (not really,) and I always yearned to pursue writing. I took philosophy, creative writing courses, and completed a liberal arts degree in college. I had such high hopes for myself. Pretty ironic that I ended up a bar tender.

Okay, I wouldn’t say that I’ve entirely failed. Sure, my social life is down the drain, I text my mom once a day, and I avoid human contact in public as much as I can, but hey, at least I am sort of good at writing.

It was 11 pm, and I was straining myself to think of the next chapter for my sci-fi novel. I cracked my knuckles and placed my fingers against my ancient typewriter that I got from eBay. The words weren’t flowing to me tonight. Eh, what the hell, might as well step outside for a smoke. It was kind of breezy outside, and the Portland streets were pretty bare, except for the occasional hybrid or mini van passing by. I lit my cig and proceeded to smoke when something caught my eye. Across the street, my eyes laid on this woman. At the exact moment, our eyes joined. She flashed a smile so bright that was visible, even from across the street, and in that moment I knew I had to talk to her. She looked so strange yet so familiar. Who was she? Describing her, she had long flowy black hair, rounded frames, and what looked like a shiny leather jacket. I blinked a few times, tore my eyes from hers awkwardly, and instantaneously advanced in her direction. I was so mesmerized by her that I actually almost got run over by some truck. What the hell? It came out of no where. As soon as I turned back to look at her, praying that she didn’t see, she was gone.


I looked hard for her, wondering why she could have left so soon, but reluctantly decided to return to my studio apartment. Thoughts of who she could be filled my head and corrupted my mind.

That night I didn’t sleep.

The next morning, okay fine it wasn’t morning, the next afternoon (2 p.m. to be exact,) I woke up with a clouded head. Why was this girl still fastened in my mind? I don’t even know her… Some freak I am.

I poured some cereal and splashed some hemp milk in the bowl, quite messily. I felt like I was hung over but I hadn’t had a drop to drink yesterday. I ate my breakfast in silence, enjoying the breeze coming through my narrow window, and inhaled the smell of the city.

I sat down on my cushion and tried to progress my novel, but it just wasn’t working today either. All of a sudden, I abruptly stood up, paced to the door, and went outside. It was odd, and I felt as if my body was moving itself. Five minutes later I found myself across the street to where she was last night. Of course, she wasn’t there. Why am I even here? In front of me was a 7-eleven, so I decided to just buy a pack of cigarettes while I was there.

“Hello, how can I help you?” Said a pimpled short teenager in a drone voice.

“Just a pack of any cigs, please.”

I looked around the store, letting my eyes gaze upon all of the foods that could eventually kill you. Cheetos, hot dogs, milkshakes. I felt a little sick. I turned back around and took the pack from the cashier, and then handed him a ten.

“Thanks.” I sighed. No thank you back? Man, the service is terrible everywhere now-a-days.

I rolled my eyes, and headed towards the door. At the same time that I reached for the handle, somebody else did too. I couldn’t believe my eyes. It was her.


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