The screams. The cries. The tears ran down my face. I went in and out of consciousness. Where was I? Oh, right. The memories started to flow back to me; one painful memory after the other.

Our homes, scattered, burned, crashed, all just a memory. The blood drooled slowly down my forehead. What are they going to do with us? What do they want with us?

I heard the screeches again.

I heard the cries, the screams, the sound of bones being crushed slowly. Help.

Somebody help me.

I smelled fear in the air. I smelled Death just around the corner. He’s ready to take me, drag me, pull me, out of my body. He’s ready to smile at me and swoop me out of this life. Doesn’t my life matter? Death, give me a chance.

I slipped in and out of consciousness multiple times. I don’t remember how many.

I can’t remember them, but then again I don’t want to.

Suddenly, something as cold as ice kicks me, crushing my rib, and grabs me by my hair. I yelped in agony, afraid of the seconds coming next. The thing then kicked me, bit me, and screeched so violently that it shivered me to the bone.

Wait, is this thing laughing? It laughed again, kicking me, poking me, and threw me forcefully into a crate. I screamed for help. For somebody. Nobody comes.

I woke up again, and took in my new surroundings. I was crammed with people! I asked them, “Where are they taking us?” But nobody answered. A man has convulsions in a corner. A woman with deep colored skin cries, screams, and pulls out her hairs, ripping them, one by one. I heard the screeches again. I covered my ears, my eyes, hoping for it to be over soon. Somebody. Please come.

I woke up again. I smelled the smell of metal. Or was it blood?

I slowly looked up. I saw hundreds of people!


“Help!” I screamed, as hoarse as my throat feels. Then I noticed something else.

They are not… alive.

They are hung by their feet. Their flesh drooled off of their bodies. Their bodies are limp, absent from life. Blood drools out of various cuts and slashes on their bodies. Guts hung from their stomachs. I vomited violently multiple times. Bodies everywhere.

When will this nightmarish dream end? I screamed again. Nobody comes.

The next time I woke up, I was moving. Wait, somebody is moving me. I was being pushed in a crate, crammed with corpses. Their bodies reek of Death.

I try to find my perpetrators. I looked around the torture chamber. I noticed something moving out of the corner of my eye. I saw something that I knew in my 10 years of life I had never seen before. It towered over me. Small and deep-set black eyes pierced into me. It’s body was covered in blood. It opened it’s mouth and bore it’s razor bloody teeth. I shut my eyes and tried to erase it from my memory. I couldn’t open my eyes again. I just couldn’t.

I heard the screech again, this time angry. I felt a sudden sharp pain sting through my body. I opened my eyes to see It again.

It slammed by body into a crate. The crate started moving. Enormous metal double doors opened, and a bright light burned my eyes. Looking up I saw the sky, and looking down I saw mud everywhere. I looked at the sky. It was pure blue. I forced myself to only look at the sky. If this would be my last moment, I would like to look at something familiar, something pure.

I started to hear faint voices. They were screaming, yelping, shrieking, squealing, and crying. I started to get closer, and closer to the voices.

I was ripped out of the brief safety that was my crate, and shoved into a metal tube. My head stuck out of the end, and I was upside down.

I took a deep breath. And then it was over.



I hope you enjoyed my first short story. This is actually based on a true story, if you look at the animal’s perspective. 65 billion animals are slaughtered this way every year. To them, we are monsters. I don’t want to be a monster. Stand up for animals and make a change. Be a saint, not the devil.





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