Thought of the day: I noticed quite recently that I have been a lot more mindful, positive, and happy. I tried to figure out, why? My friends are almost nonexistent, at least, I never have the time to hang out with them, and I am in my house/library/coffee shop all day, so I don’t really socialize.

I noticed that through meditation, mindfulness, and my spiritual awakening, I have realized the true beauties and meanings in life. I have realized how shallow I was living. I have finally woken up, broke out of my “social media and shallow ideals” bubble, and enjoyed the true gifts of life.


And man does it feel great.


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3 thoughts on “Happiness”

  1. I’m glad you realize what was bringing you down and got rid of it. I’ve been meaning to try to meditate but I never find the time. Love the post!!


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