My Longing for Nature

Something that I have realized lately is the true purity, beauty, and positivity of nature. If you asked me one year ago if I liked nature, I would’ve said, “Not really, my hair gets messy from bugs, wind, etc!” *sigh*

About a month ago I had to read an essay from a man named Ralph Waldo Emerson, where he spoke about the beauty of nature, and how it can cleanse the mind, destroy the corruption of society on the mind, and make you feel vibrant, and youthful.

I really agreed with his message because to me, society indeed can corrupt the soul, mind, and body. It can destroy your actual thoughts. If we all lived in nature, would we wear makeup? Would we need to conform to society’s ideals?

Definitely not!

Realizing this made me want to be closer to nature. It made me sad that I have to live in a world and society where you work, get money, have children, a husband, a family, and then die. Of course this is a negative way of saying it, and I am forever grateful, but where is the simplicity in the life that we used to have? Of course our ancestors were hunters and gatherers and they had to work hard for basic necessities, but let’s look at the peaceful Native Americans. They loved nature, they had a positive and embracing culture, and they worshiped the plants and animals.

What do we worship? Technology? Money? Power? These are shallow things, in a shallow world, that I do not want to be a part of. Again, I can’t do anything about it, but I will at least have a job that is meaningful. Doctor, scientist, animal rescuer, something that will help others.

I think to myself, I wish I could live in nature. I wish at least that I could be closer to it. But then I stop myself and think, I do have nature. I see it every day. I see the beautiful blue sky on clear days, I see the thousands of trees (I live in Oregon) daily, I hear the sweet song birds in the morning, and I get a whole garden of my own.

One day I might try to move closer to nature, like Downtown Portland, that way I can go on hiking trails in the mornings. I can breathe fresh air.

For now, I will appreciate the little glimpses of nature that I have.



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