She’s a girl

She’s a little girl

Running around the house with barbie dolls,

Smiling and giggling,

Trying on her Mommy’s high heels,

Being a princess.


She’s a little girl

Riding on her pink bike,

Losing her two front teeth,

Wearing her hair in pigtails,

Watching cartoons.


She’s a little girl

Posing in front of the mirror,

Putting on her mother’s lipstick,

Curling her hair.


She’s a little girl

Staring at that boy in class,

Butterflies in her stomach,

Failing her classes,

Not caring too much.


She’s a little girl

Walking on the streets alone,

Drinking poison, because that’s all she has,

Waking up lonely.


She’s a girl

With blood pouring onto her thin



The blades slicing her pain.


She’s a girl


Because she knows it’s the end.


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