Why am I so logical?

I realized quite recently that I am a very logical person. I rely on facts, evidence, and knowledge to make a decision or explain something to others. I was wondering to myself today, why am I so logical?

Is it because I’m one of those people who need evidence or facts in order to have confidence in something? Or is it that I never like to be incorrect, so I rely on facts to prove my point?

For example, I’m vegan. Not just because I think it’s wrong to eat meat and that animals are cute, but for environmental, ethical, and health reasons. These are facts. When I discuss veganism with somebody, I use facts to prove my point. I never say, “Well you shouldn’t eat meat because it’s wrong.” Same thing with abortion. While I do believe it is morally wrong, that is my belief, and I can’t prove it as if it was a fact.

I never used to believe in evolution. Why? Because I didn’t think it was possible, according to my religious beliefs. However, this year, I opened my eyes, actually educated myself, and found out what evolution actually means. You don’t just slowly grow from a fish to a human. That’s not what it is. I was so ignorant that I never looked at the other side. I refused it because of my beliefs.

I believe that facts trump beliefs any day. I would never choose my religion over veganism. In fact, it’s sad that many people even see it that way.

It’s not “Oh I have to either follow my religion or be vegan.” In fact, veganism may just work with your religion, or if you think it doesn’t, think to yourself, “Would the divine being/philosophy that I believe in want me to eat meat? Why? Would it make me happy?”

Facts and evidence will always win an argument. Moral values or beliefs are just not good enough, because not everybody agrees. Facts and evidence are things that everybody agrees with.

Another example are the presidential candidates. Some of them are using their religion and PERSONAL moral values to win votes, instead of providing the facts. I will make sure to never vote for someone who uses beliefs over logic, reason, facts, or evidence. That is just ignorant.

I’ve talked about this in a few posts, but I believe that when some people are very invested in a religion, their religion sometimes trumps their logic and reason. This is ignorance. If we don’t look at the facts, we are destroying futures and encouraging a generation that just “looks the other way.” I’m not saying that religion is terrible, that’s not what I mean at all. I just want people to look at both sides instead of letting their personal moral values deteriorate their reasoning skills.

I believe that we need to use facts, stop being ignorant, and get educated. Many Americans don’t believe in things that have strong evidence, like climate change, evolution, and even prejudice towards other cultures! (Islamophobia)

My main point is that being logical opened a whole new door for me. It made me realize the world around me, and suddenly, I didn’t feel so ignorant anymore. I may have a harsher or more negative view on life, but this can help me make rational decisions and think for myself for once.

I want people to open their eyes and look at the facts so that we can create a more brighter and intelligent America.


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      1. I actually had a good response if you read them. You’re like one of those meat eaters who would rather stay in the dark about things. Fine by me, I tend to try and help people but if they don’t want the truth, I can’t force them.

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      2. You want to die by ISIS? Think about it this way, you are doing something in return for money. Charity is when you don’t get anything yet you pay. When you pay the military, they risk their lives for you. You don’t feed lazy people…If they want/get a job and work hard for it, that’s not being lazy. I also never said that there is a donation to Donald Trump, I’m saying that he doesn’t pay what’s owed. So if people can’t even pay what’s owed, then why would they donate?


  1. I liked this post, I snuggled up in my bed and drank my coffee. It’s one of those lazy mornings where I get cozy and read your posts! Write more!

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