Why are we so selfish?

I am not usually so negative all the time, but I just had to ask this question. Why are we so selfish? Why do humans only value themselves, yet we claim to want to help others? Can someone be fully selfless?

Today I wanted to attempt to answer these questions. I am no expert, but this is my take on things.

I believe that humans are “selfish,” because we are animals. An animal relies on one main thing. Instincts. They rely on instincts for food, shelter, and the basic needs to survive. But we are a little different, because we are more intelligent than most of the animals. (Not saying that makes us better.)

We go beyond just the basic needs because it has something to do with survival of the fittest, but in a lifestyle way. We want to be the best, we want to have it all, and we want and want because we are animals. We were born to want things.

Dogs constantly want food, even if you gave them enough so that they are full. Because they have an innate need to want things.

So my next question is, can we ever be selfless? I do believe that it is possible. I believe that to truly find spirituality, and to be rid of society, you must place yourself away from the media and into nature. I combined this idea with Buddhism and came up with a theory.

I believe that society is capable of corrupting the mind, body, and soul. It can corrupt the mind because of how many negative things go day by day in our lives, and we tend to dwell on the negative rather than the positive because there is so much of it in society. It can corrupt the body because it can put pressures on people to look a certain way. Lastly, it can corrupt the soul because it can destroy what you truly are. If we do not accept what is ours and reject what is not, we will not know who we truly are.

That doesn’t mean I’m going to ditch the internet and go live in a forest, but I believe that we must reject society’s ideals, thoughts, and behaviors, and only accept the ones you TRULY agree with. If you do not want to wear makeup, don’t. If you don’t want to dress a certain way, don’t. If you don’t want to vote for that candidate but you feel pressures from society to “be an adult,” DON’T!

I want to start a movement that will reject the media’s shallow ideals and promote something wholesome and positive.

Do I think that will happen? No, because people are already sucked in too deep with society and its many dangers.

I might seem like a hypocrite right now because I’m typing on a form of social media, but I believe that we need to use social media for positive and thoughtful messages, instead of “who wore it better”s and selfies.

The reason I quit Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr, and ultra-famous but useless people on YouTube and Snapchat is because these sites are used for things that are so… shallow.

We have a mind that is worth more than this! Our minds are more capable than party selfies, makeup tutorials, gaming videos, aesthetic photos (that are beyond impossible to achieve), etc.

I guess I am getting a little off topic here, but my main point is that we must use our minds for ourselves, reject society’s ideals, practice wholesomeness, positivity, vulnerability, and kindness, in order to be selfless.

This is just my theory or philosophy, and I don’t know if it would actually work, but I will certainly try. 🙂



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