My Morning Rituals

I used to HATE mornings, and I had a good reason to…. I mean, I had to get up at 6:50 AM every morning. But now that my schedule has changed, I have learned to appreciate mornings for the joyus gifts they are, and I can fully understand early birds. Whenever I get up early, I have so much time to do things, and I feel refreshed, because the whole day is ahead of me. Here is my usual new (and improved) morning routine for weekdays.

8:00 AM: Wake up. Check what I missed in the world. I usually check,, WordPress, and YouTube, (only for any educational videos or videos that are informative.)

8:30 AM: Get up, and take a morning shower.

8:45 AM: Meditate outside in nature. If it’s raining, (which is it supposed to be pretty rainy this week) than I just continue to the next step.

9:00 AM: Brush teeth, moisturize face, and eat breakfast.

9:30 AM: I usually start my schoolwork by then. Sometimes I go to a coffee shop, sometimes I go to the library, but most of the time I stay home and work at my desk with a nice cup of warm tea.

12:30 PM: I continue to work until it’s lunchtime. Then, I make my lunch. I usually make a home cooked meal that’s fast and easy, nothing too intricate. Something that I have really been enjoying lately are burritos with refried beans, salsa, daiya cheese, lettuce, tomato, and avocado.

1:30 PM: I continue to work on my work until about 6 PM. Then I have dinner and the rest of my routine.

I’m curious to know other people’s morning rituals. Do you like mornings or hate them? What do you do to get  yourself up in the morning? Be sure to comment and thanks for reading! 🙂



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  1. I get up at 6:00 every day. Okay, more like 6:30 by the time I get up, but closer 6;00 every day. I used to hate getting up that early, but now I get to bed earlier, and it’s not so bad. I go to Early Morning Seminary (something for my church) from 7:00-745. Then I come home for home-school. I am taking a college course, and not doing well. I also am taking a high-school chemistry course, and classes with Monarch Webwork. I am just about to log into one of those classes.


    1. That sounds like a busy schedule! What college course are you taking? Right now I am only doing 4 classes but they are so hard! It takes me forever to finish one lesson because it takes 2 hours per lesson. Not even including the assignment or quiz.

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