Loving Our Earth

Something a lot of humans don’t do is love our Earth. What does “loving the earth” mean? Well, actually caring for it for once, instead of destroying it. 

We are a destructive species, there is no doubt, and I can’t say that I am exactly perfect either, but what is so amazing about humanity is that we have the capability to change. We can change our minds whenever we want, especially in America, when we have freedom of choice.

We can say, “No, I don’t want to ride on that plane.” We can say, “No, I don’t want to destroy the environment, so I’ll go vegan.” We can do anything that we want, and we can because we are humans.

Humans need to start using their capability for good, instead of money and power. We need to stop focusing on ourselves and start focusing on something that was given to us. Mother Nature. Mother nature is dying because of us, and if people don’t start to care soon, the earth will be gone.

Love the earth, cherish what you have. It saddens me to see how us humans act. We only care for ourselves, and most people only want to help the environment to either make money (fundraising for a “cause”,) get more crops/land, or get cleaner air, not for the ecosystem or the animals, but for themselves.

Humans rely on instinct, like animals, and I understand that, but we are MORE! We can understand the complexity of scientific facts that show our climate is changing, and we can change!


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  1. Wonderful post! This is so true! You have to say, NO. Because even indecision is still a decision. All the choices we make need to be active and not cause and effect. It’s hard. I eat vegetarian and try to make sure I recycle, but then I buy diapers for my baby because it’s ‘easier’ than trying to keep up with cloth or biodegradable. It’s always a choice.

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