What is being mindful?

Want to know something many Americans lack? Being mindful. Question of the day: how mindful were you today? First of all, what is being mindful? To me, being mindful is living in the present. You are not thinking of past events, nor are you planning future events.

I will be honest. Being mindful is hard. You tend to let your mind wander. Our brains are complex, fascinating things, but they can be quite annoying when you want to be mindful.

I am mindful in daily life by admiring nature. To me, nature is one of the most beautiful things that life has given me. I often practice mindfulness in nature when I wake up in the morning. It can be pretty chilly, but that’s not why I’m there. I’m there to soak in my surroundings; enjoy the gifts of nature. The sounds of the small birds chirping, the smells of the fresh, crisp morning air, the feeling of the cool breeze against my face.

What do I think about? Everything that’s in the present. I notice how small and cute the birds are. I notice how blue and clear the sky is. I notice the shapes of the leaves on the trees. I interpret what I see how I want.

After this, I like to meditate. I like to get my mind in a positive mood for the day. I don’t want to worry about school, my homework, my tests, college, etc. I don’t want to think about what to eat for breakfast. I just focus on my breathing. I count my breaths, and when I feel ready, I open my eyes, ready for the day ahead of me.


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