Common Questions about Veganism

I decided to make this post because I feel like a lot of people misunderstand the whole concept of veganism. To make this a shorter and easier to read post, I am writing this in question and answer form. I don’t expect you to agree with everything I say, but remember, these are just my beliefs!

  1. What does vegan mean?
    1. Vegan people choose to abstain from ANY animal product. This includes wool, leather, silk, and angora. Honey, meat, dairy, and eggs. We also do not believe in the exploitation, suffering, or torture of animals. We fight for animals every day that we choose to eat vegan food, buy vegan cosmetic products that don’t test on animals, and wear vegan clothing.
  2. What are the health benefits of veganism?
    1. This is a hard question to answer because there are so many health benefits. Beauty wise, I noticed that my nails were a LOT stronger. (I have had the most horrible experiences with my nails. They were incredibly dry, brittle, and even bendable.) I also noticed that my hair grew faster, my acne started clearing up, and I felt more energized. Quite recently, the meats that most Americans eat, including bacon, sausages, hot dogs, and other processed foods can cause cancer. Veganism has even been shown to prevent and CURE heart disease. I find that incredible. Also, your cholesterol levels would be very low, because vegans do not get ANY cholesterol in their diet, you only make it naturally in your body.
  3. Is it hard to be vegan?
    1. It depends on how you choose to look at it. If you are easily tempted by meats while walking by a BBQ, I guess it could be hard. From my experience and many other vegans, we do not find it hard. We find it exciting to wake up every day and cook a delicious, filling, and healthy meal. You do have to check the ingredients list, but I find it very worth it. I wouldn’t want to ingest an animal by accident. Whole Foods, Trader Joe’s and your local farmer’s market can be your best friends. You may even have vegan restaurants in your area, like I do.
  4. Can I eat honey?
    1. Some vegans do, some don’t. It’s all about your own preference. Personally, I consider that using an animal for your own benefit, so I don’t think that it’s morally right. The honey is stolen from them, and they are basically slaves working and working, just so you can enjoy their vomit. Pretty gross, not to mention unnecessary.
  5. Don’t plants feel pain too?
    1. Despite some excuses that meat eaters make, plants lack a central nervous system, so they are incapable of receiving pain. This is a fact.
  6. Do we need meat to survive?
    1. We do not need meat to survive, because if we did, I wouldn’t be typing this right now. Vegans get more than enough protein (I get a ton of protein, usually 60 grams a day), omega 3, 6, and 9, calcium, iron, b12, everything. I get everything that my body needs from plant sources.

Those are the top questions that I could think of. If you have one that I didn’t answer, leave it in the comments. I would love to answer it! πŸ™‚


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25 thoughts on “Common Questions about Veganism”

    1. That’s a difficult question to answer. First of all, let’s ask ourselves, “What are pets?” Basically, they are domesticated animals that humans created to work and live for us. To me, this is a form of humans playing god. I believe in rescuing animals from shelters, but I will never support breeders, because they are the reason that there are so many animals in the shelters in the first place. Humans are not as intelligent as we seem, and because of this, we ditch pets when we no longer want them, leaving them to rot in shelters. So, I believe in rescuing animals, but not purchasing them just so they can love me, and I can have company. Just yesterday, I was watching Adventure Time, and Finn said something that really made me think. He said, “Hey Jake. Why do we have pets? We basically make them worship us. We are their only source of food, water… and belly rubs.” Of course Jake denies this idea, but I really agree with Finn. We created pets so that we can use them to have company. They love you because you feed them, give them treats, a home. I’m sad to say this, but pets don’t need to exist. That doesn’t mean I hate pets, because I’ve lived with pets throughout my entire life, but I just finally realized how dumb the concept is. If you already have pets, however, I would never ditch them! Many vegans choose to have pets, and I respect them. However, some vegans have trouble because they don’t want to feed their pet meat from the meat industry because they still support the mass tortures. Studies have shown that dogs can thrive on a vegan diet (because they are omnivores, like us) but cats cannot. If, however, you feed your dog a vegan diet, and he or she is not thriving, I would feed them meat. That’s my take on pets, and boy was it long. Sorry!

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      1. Are your parents against it? Both of my parents were very against it at first, but if you are willing to educate them about the true meaning, they will listen. My dad is still against it, but he respects it because he knows that he can never change me. I can’t eat animals knowing the truth. What you just said is what a lot of meat eaters say, but if I am willing to do it (parents are both very conservative) then you can too! I will be willing to help you along the way. πŸ™‚

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      2. They are not against it, my mom was considering going vegan for a long time, and she went vegan for a tim, and I went with her. It wasn’t hard for me, but she started feeding us meat again.

        My religion says to not eat much meat, but people tend to make a not very strict definition of “sparingly”. I think this is because people back when this scripture was written didn’t have much room to be picky about what they ate, and it would be better for an animal to be slaughtered than a person starve. There isn’t much excuse for us to eat meat now when we have so much food to choose from. But I have learned that whenever I am obedient to the scriptures and prophets, even if I don’t understand why at the moment, I will be blessed for it, so if any of the prophets tell me to eat meat, I will. But right now, I don’t think it is right to eat meat when I have other options. In case you want to see what was written 200 years ago:

        Doctrine and Covenants 89, 12-13

        12 Yea, flesh also of beasts and of the fowls of the air, I, the Lord, have ordained for the use of man with thanksgiving; nevertheless they are to be used sparingly;

        13 And it is pleasing unto me that they should not be aused, only in times of winter, or of cold, or famine.

        Doctrine and Covenants 89

        Of course, you know I’m not trying to force this on you, thats just how I deal with life.

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      3. That’s really cool that your religion realizes the effects on meat & how it can affect your body. Just know that religion is not the only reason you should consider veganism. It’s SOOO much more. πŸ™‚ let me know if you have any more questions.

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      4. Buddhism is about suffering. The Buddha taught that suffering is what causes all of the pains in life. Because of this, we must focus on reducing suffering. Suffering is called dukkha, and a form of suffering is killing an animal. So yeah, I guess Buddhism teaches not to kill animals. They also believe that the more dukkha you have, the more unsatisfied and unhappy life you’ll have. (For example, if you kill 7 people, that’s a lot of dukkha….) There’s no way that person would lead a happy life, unless of course, they have a mental disorder, in that case, they probably wouldn’t even be Buddhist. Okay now I’m getting off topic. I just wanted to say that you can still eat meat and be Buddhist (The Buddha ate meat) but it just seems a little hypocritical to me. (Side note: The Buddha only ate meat because like you say in your religion, there was no other food, so he had to.) I hope this makes sense. πŸ™‚

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      5. It doesn’t matter though, because your religion says to not eat meat, because you’re not starving and there is no famine. I never use my personal religious beliefs to make a decision though, I use logic and facts. So far it works out pretty well. Your religion seems like it’s meant to be vegetarian/vegan, so good for you! πŸ™‚


      6. I know how you feel. I got the most adorable German Shepherd for Christmas went I was like 11, and I had her for like 4 years, but in the end, we had to PUT HER DOWN because we were moving. Ever since then, I have realized the negative effects of pets, and I have realized that no matter how hard we try, they will never be equal to humans. We are “better” supposedly. Pets don’t serve a purpose, and when my dog, Jetta, died, it was the worst pain I have ever felt. It just wasn’t worth it. (Sad to say, I know.) It’s not that I didn’t love her, because god knows I did, but it’s this world that we live in. It’s horrible.

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      7. I’m sorry for your losses. I used to have fish too & I accidentally killed one. I was like 8 and I cried so much. I still feel really bad. That’s why I don’t feel like animals should be in human’s hands.


      8. I don’t really feel the pain anymore. It doesn’t linger like the loss of a person. But I am not even too sad about that, because I know I will see my grandma again. She was an atheist so she wasn’t sure there was life after death. She kept saying, “If you guys are wrong about the whole afterlife thing, I’m gonna come back and haunt you!” She wasn’t that much bothered by passing away.


      9. Well, we are animals, and it does linger for me, because Jetta was a member of my family, and she was treated fairly. Animals are just as important as we are. Your grandma was funny! I would’ve said that too if I was atheist. Thank you for your comment. πŸ™‚

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