Rain or Sun

The sun always sparks a happiness in me. The sun smiles and warms my body as I walk down the street. It kisses me and warms me and lifts my spirits. It showcases the beautiful, deep blue sky, and caresses the puffy, whipped clouds. The sun smiles at me as I walk. The sun guides me through the day.

The sun motivates me.

The sun warms a cat’s belly as she lays in the fresh grass.

The sun talks to the clouds, and blows them gently.

The sun watches the wind blow the leaves on the trees.

The sun brings out the fairies, so that they joyfully smell the fragrance of their flower beds

The sun radiates kindness and purity to all.

What about the rain? Can it compare to the sun?

The rain chases people indoors.

The rain chills people to the bone.


The rain encourages you to snuggle on your couch, or in your bed

The rain helps you feel cozy

You smile because

The sound of the drips on your roof

The sound of the breeze in the wind

The rain decorates the plants, the flowers, the trees,

Like little diamonds, sparkling and shining

Rain and sun, they give gifts to life.


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