Too Small to Be Heard?

Recently I watched an eye-opening Ted Talk about being young, feeling unimportant, or feeling like you don’t matter. This young woman was 17 years old, and I’d say she’s pretty intelligent. She was an amazing speaker, and she made a lot of really good points.

In the speech she talked about how adults put down children often, saying “What could you know?” or “You’re just __ years old.” As if we are supposed to have infinite knowledge by the time we are 18. She made me think a lot, about age, and about mattering to someone or the world. I do agree that with certain ages, your knowledge is limited, but that’s not necessarily true with every child. For example, my sister is so young, but she acts twice her age. The thought of her being rejected simply for her age is absurd, especially because she is so intelligent.

I am going to be able to vote in one year. That’s amazing to me. However, it may not be amazing for everyone. Fewer and fewer people are voting each year, and I think it has to do with the amount of adults putting down these young adults.

I am trying to educate myself more and more each day. I love to look at both sides of things on every decision I make. For example, I know this is a touchy subject, but regarding abortion, I used to be pro-life. I was pro-life for a while because I believed that murder is wrong, no matter the circumstances. The ignorant part in my argument and thoughts was that I never gave the other side a chance. I didn’t even look at it, or research the pros and cons of abortion. Now, after educating myself on both sides, I am pro-choice. Do you see how drastically my opinion changed? All because I educated myself. I have the right to be heard, despite my age.

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