Religion vs Spirituality

Religion: the belief in and worship of a superhuman controlling power, especially a personal God or gods. Spiritual/Spirituality:  related or joined in spirit.

I believe that there is a big difference in the two. Religions are regulated by man. Going to church or a community in which you worship a god/gods. They follow sacred writings and live from them. I feel like spirituality is different. I used to be what I thought was Christian growing up. I was part of the Christian club at my school, and I occasionally went to church. As I grew older, I started to educate myself about the different kinds of religion, what it stood for, and what it means. After researching a bit, I decided to become Buddhist. This is obviously different from Christianity, some may argue the exact opposite. But that’s because some people don’t understand the Buddha’s true teachings.

After experimenting with Buddhism, I was convinced that you couldn’t believe in God if you were Buddhist. Obviously, I now know that this is simply not true, but at the time I didn’t. Thus, I became agnostic. I did not hate God or reject God, I was simply unsure. I didn’t know if he was out there or not. After a while, something reached out to me. Call me nutty, but I felt God’s presence. I can’t exactly explain what it was, but I felt God saying that he was here, and he wanted to tell me that he exists. From an “atheist” to a believer, I thought that was spectacular.

If you know me, you would know that I’m a VERY logical person. I believe in a lot of scientific theories, even trusting the big bang theory at some point. But, the truth is… I couldn’t live without God. Something told me in my mind that I needed him with me. I needed him there in my life. By now you may be asking, are you Christian or something? My answer is no. I am still not Christian, nor will I ever be. Don’t get me wrong, I have a high respect for Christians, and I think that (most of them) are so caring and loving, especially my sister, but I don’t think Christianity is for me.

I found God through myself, despite being agnostic/atheist. This proves God’s strength. You might disagree, but to be simple, I can’t explain how it feels.

I am still Buddhist. I love most things about Buddhism and I think it could really help people struggling in life. I try to meditate frequently as I think it is a very important aspect, and I am getting into balancing my chakras.

I am writing this post to let you know that I struggled with religion, and now that I feel like I “solved” my spiritual “crisis,” I feel free and alive. I am a lot more positive and open to life. I found God through myself.


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