My Realization About Social Media (Essena O’neill “Scandal”)???

I never thought that social media consumed me. I never tried to question it. I thought that mindlessly scrolling on Instagram for hours in a day was normal. I thought taking pictures of myself every month (aka selfies) was normal? But what are selfies? What is the purpose of a “selfie”? There is no purpose. Essena felt that she was better that just taking pictures of herself and looking pretty. I thought that because social media was normal, and everyone does it, it must be okay. But it’s not!!!! People seem to be really hating on Essena O’neill on YouTube, but why did they feel the need to “defend” themselves? She never talked about you. SHE felt alone, and those YouTubers can deny it all they want, but at least a PART of them does YouTube for the money or fame. Don’t even try to convince me that they don’t, because they do.

What is the point of watching a “Beauty Favorites” video? Couldn’t I be learning about the economy, history, going to the park, living in REAL life, I mean ANYTHING is better than a video of someone talking about nothing for 15 minutes, when to be honest, most people don’t even buy one of the products that they talk about in the video. Some people might disagree with me, but I feel better than this. I DON’T WANT TO BE A SUBSCRIBER, A FOLLOWER, A “FRIEND” ON SOCIAL MEDIA. I want to BE something. I want to be in reality. Now, there is nothing wrong with being online, but when you focus on your follower count and likes, that changes. Don’t even try to convince me that not everyone does that, because they do, even if it’s just subconsciously.

I might sound a little hypocritical because I’m typing on what may seem to be a “social media,” but the difference is, I don’t obsessively check my followers, views, or likes. I don’t even expect ANYONE to read this post. It’s just that if they do, I hope they will see another side to this whole “scandal.”

Essena O’neill gave up social media to be real. I get that she could have worded it differently, and she doesn’t mean that everyone on social media is fake, it’s just that they CHOOSE to only show the good sides, and this gives the false pretense of being perfect. It tricks young, insecure teenage girls that THIS is how you should live. “God, I wish I was like her.” “I’m worthless compared to her.” Essena was simply trying to prove that on social media, YOU CHOOSE EVERYTHING. You choose what to show, but I don’t think that this makes you fake. It can trick people though.

I don’t hate social media. But the difference is, I think that I was brainwashed by it. Before I was vegan, I used to restrict my calories and weigh myself every day, I used to compare myself to “perfect” women that were obviously made up and dare I say “artificial.” Obviously, I don’t calorie restrict anymore, simply because I don’t need to. (I might make a post on my vegan story.) I can’t deny that there are positives to social media, but I think I want to live in real life from now on. I’m still going to make blog posts, but I don’t care if nobody reads it. I do this simply for fun.

It would take an hour to explain my full reason why I quit social media, (minus blogging,) but I also want to say that social media can be positive as well. We just need to use it for the right things. “Beauty,” selfies, and bragging about your breakfast is not what social media should be about. And until that stops, I’m going to have to take a break. Thank you for reading and I would be interested in your opinions. Make sure to leave them below.


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2 thoughts on “My Realization About Social Media (Essena O’neill “Scandal”)???”

  1. It’s so refreshing to read that you’ve also taken from Essena that we need to start living in the present! All I hear people saying in response to the scenario is “I’m not fake she’s a liar bla bla”, but no one ever considers the most important thing I took away from her message which was get off Instagram and go make a life, stop living hours of your day looking at pictures of seemingly perfect people! I was beginning to feel like the only one haha.


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