Insecurities in Your Appearance

Insecurities. These are the things that brings us down, that cause us to do crazy things, and hold us back in life. Like many teenage girls, I had a lot of insecurities. Big nose, short, bad skin, etc. I could not stop picking myself apart. Why? Because I was constantly comparing myself to others. When you look at a feature of yours, and then another person’s, and you think that theirs is better than yours, you think that yours is bad. Whenever I compared myself to others, I would always see myself as a flawed, imperfect person. But what would I look like if I had everything that I wanted?

Unrealistic. I might be picked on, I might be sneered at by shallow girls. If I truly imagine what would happen if I had perfect hair, skin, nose, height, weight, etc, then I would be untrue to myself. I wouldn’t be Maritza. I would be nobody. I would be society’s ideals.

Once I stopped comparing, and looked at myself in the mirror for just me, and not anyone else, I saw a perfectly healthy and happy girl. And for the first time in my life I felt confident. I have nice eyes, teeth, lips, and I’m healthy. I should not pick myself apart for society. Why should I? I would only be destroyed in the end.

I see perfectly beautiful girls go under the knife for society’s ideals of beauty, and that truly tears me apart. To see a perfectly healthy girl put their life at risk just to look beautiful, that’s when I know society is screwed up. However, if the girl has cosmetic surgery for herself, and not for society’s ideals, than I am 100% supportive. If that makes her feel better, and she’s not doing it to please others, then girl you get it!

Beauty throughout history has been undeniably a crucial and important role in society. We’ve seen many women go to extremes from the past, and present, to look beautiful. I know that people will never stop trying to strive for the impossible, but what I do know is that you CAN stop yourself from going too far.

So ladies, the next time you are about to do your makeup, who is it for? Is it to look bright and awake? Is it because you really enjoy the art of makeup and putting it on is fun and not a chore? Or do you do it so that you are not judged? Think about why you wear it, and if you need it.

And remember, I will always think that only YOU have the power to stop yourself from being drowned in society. Only YOU can save yourself, and only YOU can be create confidence in yourself.


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